Ask the Readers: Bucket List! (And FI Town!)

What would you do if you knew you had a year to live?

I’ve been wanting to create a bucket list for a while, but haven’t had time. With my impending departure from traditional work, I’ve been thinking about it lately.


My Bucket List

Mountain cabin (and FI Town?): I’d love to build a cabin in the mountains near my primary home (maybe Nederland?). I’d build it with my own hands and make it hyper efficient. I would model it after MMM’s home (lots of south facing windows to capture passive heat in the winter):

Anyway, I’d spend time in Future Cabin writing, making and hanging out with family and friends. When not there, Future Cabin will earn its keep as an Airbnb rental.

I’ve mentioned the idea to some others who are also interested. Maybe we’ll get a couple acres, subdivide and build 4 or 5 cabins. I’ll call it FI Town! FI Town will have open space and common buildings for making, meeting and microbrewing. The water tower would have a smiley face, rainbow and middle finger (FU Money salute).

I acknowledge that FI Town is mostly insane and will probably never happen, but I can dream…

Bike up to Allenspark: Allenspark is a town near me in the mountains. The ride up is 30 miles with 3600 feet of elevation gain. Biking there was a goal of mine when I first moved to Boulder County in 2013, but then floods washed out the road. The road is back and I’m not getting any younger, so it’s time to put this one in the bag.

Write a book: I’m working on two. One is related to financial independence and the other is a series of fictional short stories. I know that I can pull off the first. I have no idea about the second, but I’ll never know unless I try.

Live on the water again: In our old lives, we had a fancy-pants home right on a lake. While I didn’t like the property taxes, I loved the water, the waves and the sunsets. I’d love to live near water again.

Frugalsaurus enjoys a sunset kayak ride in our old backyard.


Bucket List for Society

Autonomous, electric cars eliminate human drivers: I was driving on a country highway back in December near Windsor Colorado. My children and one of their friends were along for the ride. To my extreme horror, an oncoming Chevy Suburban (land yacht) creeped over the center line, into my lane. I took evasive maneuvers and missed him, but I would have been dead if there had been a collision. On Saturday, the same thing happened, but on a lower speed, local road. Humans are more distracted than ever and traffic deaths are on the rise. Robots are better drivers. It’s time to take humans out of the driver’s seat.

Autonomous, electric aircraft: How awesome would it be to pull up the Uber app and have an electric jet fly you to the city? One hour of traffic misery is now replaced by twelve minutes of flight. This one sounds like the Jetsons, but it’s coming. Dubai is starting an air taxi service this year. Also see Uber’s whitepaper.

Move past traditional work: Retail is dying all around us. Sears, Macy’s, JC Penney and your local mall are all struggling. The reason is Amazon. More specifically, the reason is the 45,000 robots that work for cheap at Amazon’s fulfillment centers. And robots just don’t just work at Amazon and car factories:

Jobs for humans are going away. Forever. And if you think that your job is safe, you’re deluding yourself.

The right course of action isn’t to resist robots and artificial intelligence, but to embrace technology and remake society. Universal basic income may be the answer.

It will take brave, innovative thinking to sort it all out. I hope our political leadership is up to the task. I have a lot more to say about this, but I’ll save it for a future post.


What’s on Your Bucketlist?

I didn’t mean to blab on for so long. I also hope that I didn’t scare you with my robot talk!

Tell me what’s on our bucket list.

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85 Responses to Ask the Readers: Bucket List! (And FI Town!)

  1. If I had a year to live Bucket List:
    — Whirlwind tour of South America
    — Overwater bungalow in French Polynesia
    — New Zealand / Australia

    I plan on living more than a year (knock on virtual wood) and hitting all these attraction within the next 10 yrs …

  2. I would love to live on a lake somewhere with some acreage around us so that my wife could raise some chickens and goats. She wants fresh eggs every morning and I want a happy wife 🙂

    I’d also love to develop a course for people to take around FI. I’d love for it to expand on some of Dave Ramsey’s advice and be tailored made for the individual. How I can tailor make it I’m not quite sure but I’d love to get there someday 🙂

  3. I believe that the robots will just create new types of jobs for us humans, at least until the robots can create robots. I suspect that’s at least a hundred years away, I doubt I’ll see it. For now you’ll see an industrial revolution like job upheaval.

    As for my bucket list. We want to live different places around the world for six months at a time, experiencing what it’s like to be a local.
    Full Time Finance recently posted…Why I do not use a BudgetMy Profile

    • “I believe that the robots will just create new types of jobs for us humans, at least until the robots can create robots. I suspect that’s at least a hundred years away”

      You should read this:

      “There is some debate about how soon AI will reach human-level general intelligence. The median year on a survey of hundreds of scientists about when they believed we’d be more likely than not to have reached AGI was 2040.”

      • CR says:

        I was going to say that this might only apply in the US but then I remembered the last time I went to NYC in 2016 you were still using signatures for credit card transactions… I’m not sure technology is so advanced as to replace day to day human jobs and why, if you don’t mind me asking, would you want it to?

        I think my bucket list for society would have to be to create a town where people can opt out of techno-utopia: with human doctors, cashiers in the supermarket, farmers growing your food. I shall call it Not Gattaca…

        • “I’m not sure technology is so advanced as to replace day to day human jobs and why, if you don’t mind me asking, would you want it to.”

          Sure, this answer is easy. Imagine you were a farmer when the tractor came out. Now imagine that that you refused to buy one and kept your horse drawn plows instead. You’d quickly be out of business because the farmers who used tractors became more productive and sold their turnips for cheaper.

          Now, imagine this on a much bigger scale. The country that you live in refuses to adopt technology. You’re soon going to fall very far behind those that do.

          • Dave says:

            Farming is a great example. I took a ride on a family friend’s tractor and it was completely autonomous. Ditto for the combine. It creates a map of the harvest yield of the field which then feeds back into the tractor so it can automatically adjust the fertilizer application.

          • CR says:

            But why is falling behind a bad thing? Surely a well balanced society would allow for those who wish to retain skills to do so?

            Just to play devil’s advocate-Technology and the advance in same, has facilitated working more not less. Humans currently work more than ever.We have longer commutes, less time spent at home, we outsource the basics such as feeding oneself. At the same time, we are increasingly unhealthy both mentally and physically and problems in later life such as dementia are increasing rapidly. Humans have to be the only species capable of rendering themselves obsolete.

          • “But why is falling behind a bad thing? Surely a well balanced society would allow for those who wish to retain skills to do so?”

            It’s not so much falling behind, it’s falling completely off. Consider what happens to “mom and pop” stores when a Walmart comes to town. They die because Walmart is cheaper. The productivity gains from technology result in lower prices and most consumers won’t be willing to pay more for a human made (and inferior) counterpart.

  4. I would be in for a mountain FI town. I go back and forth between wanting to live somewhere quiet and surrounded by nature and loving where we’re at in the city. One of the draws of the city is that there is so much to do and so many friends here. An FI town would help by surrounding us with other people with similar interests who all are great at finding fun things to do for cheap.
    Matt @ Optimize Your Life recently posted…Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps (and Why I Ignore Them)My Profile

  5. Brian says:

    I am with you on wanting to build a cabin, except I would like mine to be on a lake (or to a lesser extent a river). There is just something so calming about being near a large body of water.

    The rise of robots and artificial intelligence is interesting. While I am excited about it, I am also worried. The idea of a machine that is going to be smarter and stronger than us, could cause some issued. We better make sure we install red LEDs on their heads (ala iRobot) so we know when they turn evil.

    • “The idea of a machine that is going to be smarter and stronger than us, could cause some issues.”

      It certainly could. Humans may not be around to see 2100. Hell, maybe not even 2050.

  6. I’ve spent a lot of time on my “FIRE Bucket List” Even wrote about it here, if you don’t mind a smidge of self promotion?

    I focus on 5 areas: Travel, Personal Development & Hobbies, Work For Fun & Charity,
    Spiritual Development and Relationships

    I think it’s important to have things you’re striving toward. I love your “Society” bucket list, and may have to add a tab for that in my Google Doc….

  7. We need to get you on the FI Cohousing Group! Some of the participants from CMSE were so excited about the idea of Cohousing that they’re in the beginning stages of figuring out how to implement this in their town (in Georgia). Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in joining!

    I am all for an FI village. To be near my friends who think like me? Yes please! We’d have so many awesome activities…. game nights, campfires, handy projects galore…. almost heaven!
    Gwen @ Fiery Millennials recently posted…My Vision of FI: Phase OneMy Profile

  8. I would totally move to FI Town! I’m also like you in the I love living near water. I guess anyone I know would prefer to live ON the water but I’ll take what I can get. Along the lines of travel, I’d love to teleport as a way to travel so you can avoid the getting from point a to point b hassle.

  9. Mike Parsons says:

    These posts are a good reminder of how privileged we are and how, in spite of the fact that most of the world lives on less than $2.50 per day, most of our wants and needs in the Western world are about “me”.

    How about a Bucket List that takes some of our free time and ample resources to help those in real need?

    • I thought about putting volunteering as a bucket list item, but didn’t. Here’s why: The bucket list items, for me at least, are one time events. Volunteering/giving back is something that I’ll do throughout my life and in different ways. Currently, it takes the form of volunteering at my daughter’s school and giving small amounts of money away to various organizations.

      Good point though; we should all be thankful every day that we were born in a country with riches and opportunity.

  10. Love that you also included a bucket list for society! Here’s mine – build a virtual, fee-only financial planning firm serving creatives, find a way to help improve diversity in financial services, write a book, sing with the symphony choir in whatever city I’m living in, spend summers in Massachusetts, several international trips based on local cuisine, visit the great symphony halls around the world…

  11. ESI Money says:

    Our big thing now is that we’re looking to live every January in the Caribbean. Trying to avoid as much winter as possible.

    Just in the research phase now, but January 2018 is our initial goal.
    ESI Money recently posted…The Simple Path to WealthMy Profile

  12. I would love living near the water. The closest I’ve ever gotten is staying at a hotel by the water. Water front property is way too expensive here in the northeast. I’m with you on the autonomous cars! I unfortunately have a long commute to work and see a lot of reckless, distracted driving…and also aggressive and dangerous driving. I don’t trust most people on the roads…it’s scary out there!

    • Beth says:

      I’d settle for living in a city with water!

      My parents used to live in a nice subdivision that was within cycling/walking distance of the waterfront. A heck of a lot cheaper, and we still got to enjoy water whenever we could.

  13. Hmm…I’m not really a bucket list kind of guy (is there such a thing?)

    I tend to change my mind a lot, so any list I wrote down would quickly get out of date.

    Of course there’s things I want to do, but who knows if I’ll ever get to them. After FI, it’s no longer about financial resources, but about time and priority. Do I have the time to do it? Or, is it a big enough priority I can make time?

    The answer to these question is frequently ‘no’ these days.
    Mr. Tako @ Mr. Tako Escapes recently posted…Investing in…Kids?My Profile

  14. Electric aircrafts have me dreaming now, that would be awesome. It takes so long for things like this to evolve and become reality, but with electric cars and driver-less technology becoming increasingly popular now isn’t the time to stop dreaming.
    The Green Swan recently posted…Passive Portfolio Income: My Financial WallchartMy Profile

  15. steve poling says:

    Publishing an ebook is surprisingly easy. I blogged a how-to a few years back. Ask and I’ll provide a link. (I’ve let my blog lay fallow for a year or so. Maybe I can freshen it up this week.)

  16. Ms. Liz says:

    I want to move to FI town! My vision is similar to yours–small, energy efficient homes with a central gathering space for shared meals (I’ll do the dishes!) and lots of cards (I’ll bring beer!).

  17. Raddoc says:

    Long time lurker, first time poster –

    First, thanks for your blog. I’m a FIRE devotee and enjoy following your journey among others in this space.

    I’m also a radiologist, so I must protest a bit. I certainly agree AI is going to be a major force in the future, altering many professions. I’m very excited for the self-driving car revolution, hoping that it takes hold firmly before my kids get their licenses!

    However, I don’t think radiologists are going anywhere soon. We’ve been told before we’d lose our jobs to overseas teleradiologists, and this has not happened to any significant degree. We’ve had CAD (computer aided detection) for mammography for years, and it is at best marginally helpful. I believe AI will infiltrate medicine on many fronts including radiology, but certainly more as an adjunct to what we do rather than a replacement. For instance, a computer may detect enlarged lymph nodes in the chest and say something like “the lymph nodes are enlarged”. But why are they enlarged? Reactive adenopathy from pneumonia? Sarcoidosis? Cancer? This is easily discernable to a radiologist, but difficult for a computer. Also, who are you going to sue if the computer misses a subtle rib metastasis on your chest x-ray? When a referring doc has a question about a reading who are they calling?

    I realize computers will get better and better at this, and eventually take over some tasks. Eventually I think it will be significantly helpful to the health of the population at large. I’m just not worried about my profession, at least during my lifetime.

    • Hi Raddoc-

      I’m a programmer and folks have been saying that I’d be obsolete too: “Computers will be able to program themselves!”

      However, I think this time is different. You’re thinking about the changes on too small of a scale. When computers reach parity with the human brain (estimate for this to happen is 2040 [see article below]), life as we know it will be completely different. At least it will if you believe what the experts. This is fascinating, terrifying and wonderful all at the same time:

      • Raddoc says:

        Fair enough, 1500. Good article, and to be clear I’m excited to see what AI will do for us – maybe take over politics too?? (yes please)

        Maybe I should have said I’m not worried about my profession during my career arc, instead of my lifetime.

        I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords.

  18. MrWoW says:

    As far as bucket list, I really want to ride the transiberian railroad end to end.

    But we’re definitely in on FI town. Maybe we can make one near the water. I miss that as well.

    And yes, the acceleration of technology is both terrifying and exciting. Its amazing that in my day job I work with folks have way around the world the same way that I do with folks right down the street.

  19. Stafford says:

    Count me in on FI Town too! great idea. My bucket list contains lots of slow travel. I’d love to be able to learn the language of each place I visit.

  20. Joe says:

    I’d love to live near the beach. I went to college in Santa Barbara and our engineering lab was right next to the beach. I didn’t get to spend much time on the beach then… The life of an engineering student is so sad.
    Also, I want to take a year off to travel around the world. Hopefully, we can pull this off in 2021.
    My FI town is more like a hippy commune. I’m planning to buy 5 acre in Hawaii and put up some huts. We’d have some big communal buildings, but the personal home/hut will be small.

  21. SpacemanFry says:

    I say take it one step further and let’s get an island and make it into a FIRE community! Just don’t call it FIRE island as that would have a different connotation for NYC area folks 🙂

    I would take any predictions of human obsolescence by 2040 or any time soon with a GIANT grain of salt. Recent years have brought about a big resurgence of “AI” because of great strides in a sub area of machine learning, deep learning. However, despite the big gains made here, the best most sophisticated DNNs are specialists in an extremely narrow scope. They cannot be anything else (right now). So yes some extremely narrow, very specialized tasks are going to be automated, probably even more than we think at the moment, but in my opinion this will simply augment the human counterparts. Obviously there will be loss of jobs and a whole upheaval of industries, but as with previous industrial revolutions we will adapt. My prediction (which is obviously worth less that the paper this is printed on — aka <0) is that in the next 25 years we will all become more augmented by specialized AI agents which will provide the next huge boost in productivity.

    While simplistic, a good analogy might be the introduction of ATMs to banking. At the time everyone was freaking out because they thought ATMs was going to mean lots of bank tellers losing jobs etc. In reality what happened is that ATMs allowed the banks to open more branches and have the tellers do less of the menial work an ATM would do and more complicated tasks. In the end the number of employees rose.

    • Hey Spaceman, I know you’re a smart guy, so I’d be curious to hear what you think about the Wait But Why article:

      ATMs are a funny example. I know plenty of folks who won’t use them because they don’t ‘trust the computers’. Side note: Why the f*** would anyone want to sit in line at the bank???). That’s a direct interaction with the consumer though.

      The folks who run Budweiser (robot delivery trucks), Uber (robot taxis), health insurance companies (AI to evaluate x-rays and diagnose), etc. are salivating at the chance to boot workers in favor of a computer. Also, consumers usually go to the cheapest option. Look at how small town, mom and pop stores were destroyed when Walmart moved in with their cheap goods made overseas.

      So, I don’t think the ATM is the best example. A better example would be a company that had an opportunity to automate a process with a computer and decided to stick with the human instead.

      • SpacemanFry says:

        I’ll read up the full article tonight and reply more in depth but from a quick scan it looks like it makes some sensible claims. The problem is that these kinds of predictions are a bit like predicting the weather (but a lot harder)… you can do a decent prediction for next few days but anything beyond that is pure wild ass speculation. We’re barely just starting to have ANIs and we have no fucking clue how to get to AGIs (terms from article). We’re finding out that there are all kinds of limitations in our “exponential” curve of ever increasing computing power. There are all kinds of variables that we haven’t even thought of as we ramp up that throw in all sorts of stumbling blocks. We’ll we overcome them? Probably, but the result and solutions will take forms and pathways that we probably can’t anticipate now.

        IMO the next revolution is and will be centered around ANIs.

        Back to my other points, I wasn’t trying to say that a lot of people aren’t going to lose their job. Obviously they are. Just like when the previous industrial revolutions happened there were HUGE upheavals of the status quo jobs. But I don’t think this one is going to be so special that most people will be “unemployed” and need basic income.

        I think in my mind the coming revolution will open up two paths opening up in front of us:
        1) Most current jobs are taken over by automation with only a certain percentage of people working in highly specialized high end jobs and we have to create a Basic Income system for everyone else. I see this as end of society by stagnation with even more stratification. Could easily develop into Brave New World type society.
        2) Coming generations after the new revolutions grow up with multiple AI agents augmenting them. Jobs shift to new areas that are now opened up by humans no longer limited by doing repetitive jobs. Imagine if everyone had AI agents that acted as accountants, lawyers, personal assistants, drivers, maids, technicians etc. Imagine the creativity and progress that could be unleashed.

        Highly likely the true result will be somewhere in the middle. I really hope it’s closer to #2.

  22. I’m a construction project manager, and I really can’t see these buildings being built with robots. However, if we have no more retail, doctors or truck drivers, I guess we will need a lot less buildings to be built to house human workers. 🙂

    I call my ‘bucket list’ the ‘itch list’: Live/travel like Rita Golden Gelman. If you haven’t read “Tales From a Female Nomad”, I highly recommend it. I’d also like to get a docent position at the Darwin Institute and Arecibo Telescope. Give a TED talk. Take on a mission of some sort, like the Peace Pilgrim.
    Primal Prosperity recently posted…Living Outside the BoxMy Profile

  23. Ahhh, how things would be different. There’s such a sense of urgency to experience life if you have only a year to live. I know many people say you should live like you’re dying, but that does mean you’re living with little regard to the future–and that’s dangerous.

    I would quit my job in a heartbeat. It would make me so much happier. 🙂 After that, I’d love to travel and spend time with family. Seems simple, but that’s what life is all about.
    Mrs. Picky Pincher recently posted…What A Frugal Weekend!My Profile

  24. Steven says:

    I want to point out that the ad below what’s on your bucket list came up as “Are you ready for laser hair removal?”. All I can say is, what the heck have I been searching for on the internet?!

    Based on FI town do you want to know your FI neighbors like they are your friends you asked to live next to you and participate in this community? Or would you prefer someone purchase the property and learn to like them? Part of the reason I ask is I’m undecided on the concept of a community and sharing everything together.
    Steven recently posted…Real Estate Just Got RealMy Profile

  25. Dave says:

    Live in a cabin in the mountains
    Live on a sailboat
    Live in a foreign country
    Learn a second language
    Learn to play guitar
    I’d also like to bike up Trail Ridge Rd in RMNP

    Nederland sounds like a great spot for FI Town, 30 min to amenities in Boulder and 10 mins to skiing at Eldora.

  26. Mrs. BITA says:

    I just hope the guys working on the AIs of this world are programming in the three laws in the right order:

    I think world-changing artificial intelligence is closer than we think. If a little thing like the fact that my daughter is probably never going to learn to drive a car blows my mind, I clearly can’t even begin to imagine the glory and the terror of the brave new world.

    My biggest bucket list wish for society is that we make contact with extraterrestrial life before I die. I hate the fact that it seems that I am likely to miss that entire event.
    Mrs. BITA recently posted…The Mystery of My Medical Bills (I may be a Cyborg)My Profile


      Hilarious! Or not…

      “My biggest bucket list wish for society is that we make contact with extraterrestrial life before I die. I hate the fact that it seems that I am likely to miss that entire event.”

      Whoah, that’s an awesome one. I agree that it’s unlikely. The universe is just too sparse.

    • “My biggest bucket list wish for society is that we make contact with extraterrestrial life before I die. I hate the fact that it seems that I am likely to miss that entire event.”

      That’s awesome, Mrs. BITA… I totally think the same thing! Funny enough, I have volunteering at the Arecibo Telescope on my bucket list. 🙂
      Primal Prosperity recently posted…Living Outside the BoxMy Profile

  27. If I were to pass away soon, my bucket list would probably look something like this:

    1. Visit every single country and spend at least a few weeks at each, allowing me to go see the small towns and villages to the large modern metropolises.

    For society, I guess it would be cool if we could have all of our work done in a complete and efficient manner from robots. AI would allow them to improve themselves without us having to tinker with it.

    A fully self-functioning robot society would be pretty cool, especially if they don’t have any evil intentions against mankind.
    Smart Provisions recently posted…Around the World for Free – Part 2: Alternate Travel and How to Use it to Your AdvantageMy Profile

  28. SpacemanFry says:

    Regarding the bucket list. I have one that I really hope to do in my lifetime:

    – Travel in space and set foot on another planet. I really hope in my lifetime I will be able to go to Mars or at least Luna.

    I have hope now because of SpaceX and Elon Musk’s drive to go to Mars. Still, even with his aggressive schedule chances are probably slim. Earth orbit or Luna are more realistic.

  29. I’d like to hit all 7 continents in my life time. I’ve traveled to 5 so far, and hope to one day see Africa and Antartica. I met a woman in Germany who went on a cruise to Antarctica, and was able to see parts of the world that most of us will never see, which I find captivating!

  30. My bucket list in no particular order:
    1. Visit the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown
    2. Hike the Appalachian trail
    3. Live in Maui and wake up to the beach every morning
    4. Shoot an even par round of golf
    5. Accumulate FU money
    Go Finance Yourself! recently posted…Can Dividend Stocks Outperform Growth Stocks?My Profile

  31. Mr. Atypical says:

    Bucket lists are fun. They really show what matters to a person. I’ve never heard of one with work more or work harder for someone else. Its about what everyone wants for themselves and society. That’s what makes them so fun.

    I agree with Go Finance Yourself!
    1. Hike the Appalachian Trail
    2. Travel the world
    3. Bike tour around the world
    4. Live in the mountains again (cities suck…)
    5. Free myself from the man!!! RETIRE

  32. Team CF says:

    Did you know that Nederland = Dutch for “The Netherlands”? So we definitely cheer you on to make and FI town in the Netherlands 😉 We would love to join you! We have actually been in Nederland, CO, had to take a photo of the sign.

    My bucket list:
    – Travel New Zealand extensively
    – Get two K9’s again (too quite at home)
    – Go to Hawaii again and enjoy volcano’s and beaches
    – Buy a Lotus Exige and to a few track days
    Team CF recently posted…Real Estate Financing: FAIL!My Profile

  33. ‘Bike up to Allenspark’: should be super easy with your super powered electrical bike … And if that fails, there is always the scooter …. 😉

  34. Chrissy says:

    Bucket List:
    Take the kids to Australia and New Zealand. We spent 3 weeks out there for our honeymoon 18 years ago and plan to take our 3 boys when the youngest is a teenager.

    Munro bagging in Scotland for our 20th anniversary.

    I also have a book in the works. No one in my real life knows because it is probably going to take me a few years to finish, partly because it is the story of raising our son and he isn’t yet done becoming who he will be. He has autism, severe dyslexia and is the best kid. This experience has transformed our lives.

    I have been renovating the basement and when it is done I will be SO EXCITED. I don’t know if that is bucket list material but this has taken a long time! I think we will have an unusually big party to celebrate.

    Finally, once the kids are grown we plan to pour some of our savings into a condo downtown. We hate house and yard maintenance (the first driving force behind getting out of debt and financially free was to be able to afford to hire out the yardwork!) and we want to be closer to all of the sports venues, restaurants and fun. We might end up getting our previously referenced son a place next door or nearby. He will be independent-ish. Able to cook and clean and work, but likely in need of more than the typical amount of moral and financial support. I plan on having the ultimate grandkids bedroom/playspace in our condo. SUPER EXCITEDand it is 10+ years a

    • You have some cool plans! New Zealand (yes, I’ve seen Lord of the Rings too) looks pretty awesome.

      Urban living is fun (we lived in Chicago for a while), but a hassle too. Without a job, it would be a lot easier to manage though (no car!).

  35. The Dreamers says:

    I dream of the the tiny town idea too! Just keep the houses less than 10 by 20 and not on a permanent foundation and you can escape the tax man in most places. The hard part would be making sure everyone gets along, I have been camping before and listened from my tent as my RV neighbors outside dog barked at me all night… Keep Dreaming!

  36. I for one welcome my new computer overlords with open arms!

    I still cannot figure out why computers are not doing more radiology right now. This seems like something that a computer would be good at. They can look at every study the patient has ever had, read the entire medical record, know every laboratory value ever taken in a few seconds. Why can’t they ‘learn’ how to read a study by scanning 500k CT scans and reading all the reports?

    Pathology is doomed as well.

    Maybe it’s a speed thing, but when computer processing in 10x or 100x more powerful this will happen. At first there will be humans to look over things and make sure the AI got it right, but eventually it will be better than us.

    When AI is replacing doctors though, massive change will have already happened. Money will have a different meaning and purpose when none of us have utility anymore. It should be interesting 🙂
    TheHappyPhilosopher recently posted…Happy Philosopher’s Weekend Reading: Volume 8My Profile

    • Another radiologist commented above who had a different take.

      And yeah, the key to computers taking over our jobs is not only studying a bunch of data, but also teaching themselves. With autonomous cars, you may have to drive the route a couple times, but each time the computer will watch, learn and its confidence will improve. At the same time, it will also be learning from all of the other cars on the road that share data. Folks will be surprised at how quickly the computers improve…

  37. Jason says:

    I would have to say that it is to finish this book, which would be the 3rd and final book of a concept I have written about for over a decade. See as many countries as I could. Climb a mountain (that would be cool). And I would love to just live by the ocean. I already kind of do, but I would love to live on the ocean and hear the crash of the waves, particularly in a place like Maine or somewhere with rocky shoals.

  38. Hey! Woah! It appears you and Ms 1500 days on CNBC. Wow. Good going – spread the word about frugality. No dinosaurs in the picture so I was confused – at first – but quickly recovered and learned more helpful tips

    Here is the linky for folks who are wandering around the comments section and haven’t seen it:
    Patrick J Amato recently posted…Frugality is a quality of life compounding machineMy Profile

    • Ha ha, yeah, I’m shy, so that story on CNBC is deeply embarrassing! 🙂

      I think the dinosaur are actually there. If I’m wearing my orange shirt, look carefully at the left pocket…

  39. OK let’s have a go at this:

    1. Visit South America (again, including the bits we missed last time)
    2. Travel SE Asia properly (Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, etc…)
    3. Road trip round Europe (in a camper van perhaps?)
    4. Learn two languages properly
    5. Learn to play the guitar… properly!
    6. Start creating music on my Computer again
    7. Learn to juggle (trying that this year although recent progress has stalled)
    8. Be an awesome Dad to TFS Jr
    9. Become world famous via my blog (just kidding, kind of)
    10. FIRE 🙂

    Thanks for my regular update on the state of personal aviation, you always include some great links on this stuff that I don’t really keep up with elsewhere, but am finding it extremely fascinating 🙂
    theFIREstarter recently posted…thoughts after one year of parenting – part iMy Profile

    • Nice list FIREstarter! #7: Can a completely uncoordinated guy ever learn how? Same comment for #5 actually.

      Personal aviation! I’d like to go to Dubai just to try a human drone for myself!

      • I’m pretty uncoordinated too but have already made good progress with the juggling. It’s all about the practice and putting the boring hours in although I’m certain genes have got something to do with how easy it is to pick stuff like that up.

        I just got back from Dubai last month so this info was just a little bit too late for me… Waaah! 🙁

  40. My dream is to have a house on a lake. Every few months I check out lake houses for sale in our area, but have yet to find the perfect one. If I do, we’re moving! I only have a few stipulations for it. Decent sized lot of at least two acres, attached garage, large kitchen, newer house, affordable….That last ones the kicker. Once we’re retired and no longer tethered to a job we can move anywhere and hopefully find the house we want. Until then, we’re stuck driving to the lake in the summer.

    I don’t want to think about robots taking over everything. That thought kinda depresses me. What is everyone going to do? It’s too much change for me to handle.

  41. Emma Healey says:

    Please build FI town. Unfortunately, due to visa restrictions, I could only stay 90 days each year, but perhaps someone else in FI town could swap for my place in New Zealand. It could work!

    As for the bucket list, I’m looking forward to returning home current halfway through a 4 month round the world trip) and building a small writer’s cabin in my garden. I’m also considering building it myself. Maybe not from scratch but we’ll see. I fear that more building equals less writing and I’m a terrible procrastinator.
    Emma Healey recently posted…5 Essential Investments for Your Starter Online BusinessMy Profile

  42. dlmeco says:

    I also have a desire to live a comfortable life free, where far away from the calculation of life. There is no competition, no envy between people, no racial discrimination, no ….. any competition that life is bringing. Later on when I have completed my mission. I will look forward to that life

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