Ask the Readers: Tell Us about Your Amazing Goals for 2017!

I have always claimed to hate New Year’s resolutions. Why must we wait until the year turns over to commit to big changes in our lives? However, I must not hate them as much as I like to think because I can’t get them off my mind. Turns out that I have many of them:

  • Get my ass in the best shape of my life:


    Whoah, a resolution about getting healthier; how unique! That’s just amazing Mr. 1500!!!

I know, I know. However, this is a little different for me. Being healthy is my natural state. However, we were so damn busy in 2016 with the home remodel and work, I let myself go:


Danger Will Robinson! Avert your eyes!!

In the summer of 2015, I would jump on my road bike and pedal into the mountains at least twice a week. My total mountain rides for summer of 2016: zero, nada, zip, zilch – complete and total failure. ***looks down, shakes head*** Anyway, this is the year where I get rid of my gut and turn my body into a manly, potent, virile, fierce, killing machine:


That or get my body fat under 10%.

  • Ship a Ruby on Rails (web) app: I like to write code, especially web apps. I haven’t done one in a while though, so decided to teach myself Ruby on Rails and crank out some 1s and 0s. Warning, geek talk ahead: It’s going well, but I admit that I had to read about lambdas about 46 times before they sunk in.
  • Ship at least one mobile app: I’ve coded iPhone apps before and really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to learning the new Swift programming language and shipping an app in the new year.
  • More dinosaurs: There can never be too many dinosaurs. (Mrs. 1500 note: Yes, there actually can be too many dinosaurs. Come visit and I’ll show you what it looks like.)


  • Drink less: I don’t have a drinking problem. Unless I’m on vacation (or hanging out with the Mad Fientist), I limit my alcohol intake to a couple beers on Fridays and Saturdays. However, 1 or 2 can quickly escalate to 3 or 4 (or 6 to 8 if at FinCon). And when it does, I don’t sleep well. I wake up in the middle of the night sweating and don’t feel rested the next day. To keep track of my beery ways, I created the Beer-O-Meter, a spreadsheet in Google Docs that automatically keeps track of my drinking. (Mrs. 1500 note: Oh my God! I married such a dork!)

Winning in 2017!

  • Blog stuff: My 1500 days are up next month. The blog either dies after that or goes in another direction. More soon.
  • Work stuff: I cut my hours down to 24 per week in November with a glorious 12 weeks of vacation. For reasons I can’t discuss, I can’t elaborate on my work plans. I hate sounding all secretive, but this is how it has to be. Only for now though. The situation will change and you’ll be the first to know.
  • Turn a light off when you leave the room: This one is for Mrs. 1500 who doesn’t know that light switches go down too. (Mrs. 1500 note: Mr. 1500 installed this switch cover, because the screws are not all vertical lines. I’m so embarrassed…) (Mr. 1500 Rebuttal: Stop trying to change the subject.)
Dear wife, please note the position of the two switches on the right.

Dear wife, please note the position of the two switches on the right.

  • Travel!: We have big travel plans including:
    • East Coast: In July, we are going to fly into Washington, DC and travel all the way up to Maine. We hope to see many new and old friends on our journey.
    • Europe: The Mrs. and I are flying across the pond to visit friends. (Mad Fientist, can I turn the Beer-O-Meter off for the week?)
  • Get my hands on a ^&%$ing NES Classic: I have fond memories of playing Nintendo as a kid. As soon as the NES Classic was announced, I knew that I had to have one. The issue is that despite huge hype, the brainiacs at Nintendo produced about 5 of them for the holiday season. I may or may not have gone to stores early in the morning to try to get one. OK, I totally did. #pathetic


  • Finish my girls’ playhouse: I promised the girls a zip-line with Komodo Dragons and I intend to deliver. Here are the plans:
The playhouse will go down something like this

The playhouse will go down something like this

And the playhouse is almost done! I just need to build a launch platform on the tree stump (you can see it in the picture below), install the zip-line and acquire a couple Komodo Dragons. Luckily, there is a Komodo Dragon rescue facility down the street where I can adopt them.


How about You?

Enough about me. What about you? Answer one or more of the following:

  • What is in store for your 2017?
  • Tell me about an awesome goal that you’re going to accomplish.
  • Do you wish to contribute to my Komodo Dragon fund? (5 free zip-line rides for each $10 contribution) You’re guaranteed to probably not die. Maybe.
  • Do you have any awesome travel plans?
  • What should I name the Dragons?


One more thing: Mrs. 1500 launched a Facebook group recently for the blog. If the mood strikes you, please join us: Feel free to discuss money, frugality or Komodo Dragons.

Join the 10s who have signed up already!

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66 Responses to Ask the Readers: Tell Us about Your Amazing Goals for 2017!

  1. Mad Fientist says:

    Haha, you’ll definitely need to leave the Beer-O-Meter at home. We have different plugs/voltage in Scotland so it probably wouldn’t work here anyway.
    Mad Fientist recently posted…Fiery Millennials and Millennial Boss – A Millennial’s Guide to FIMy Profile

    • And even if I can get the Beer-O-Meter to work in Europe, if current exchange rates hold, 1 American beer == 3 European ones!

    • Brent Loomis says:

      Can attest, for some reason Beer-O-Meters do not work around the Mad Fientist. The Wine-O-Meters or Whisky-O-Meters do not work either… haha!

  2. Team CF says:

    To Mrs. 1500: yes, he is a dork, but if he is as funny at home as he is online, he is a keeper!

    We are lazy/laid-back, still have not come up with goals for 2017. Still working on the travel plans too! Never been really good at goal making….

    As for the dragon names: “Quoloth the Firestarter” and “Perenth Eater of All”
    Team CF recently posted…Real Estate Report – December 2016 and 2017 ForecastMy Profile

    • I’m a super dork and not nearly as entertaining in person! Furthermore, I wonder if my new plans to reduce alcohol consumption will destroy what little creativity that I have left…

  3. Great list of goals, really looking forwarding to seeing/hearing more about the web app and iPhone app development.

    Also, don’t kill this blog, I know you won’t, but worth at least getting my vote in just in case you have a momentary lapse in judgement after ignoring the beer o meter.

    Since you asked, here are my 2017 goals:

    1 – Earn $500,000

    2 – Complete 250+ workouts

    3 – Attract 250,000 page views to my blog

    4 – Take 28 days of vacation

    We are also headed to Europe next year. With the Euro so low, it seems like a great time to travel there. We are thinking a Ireland/Scotland combo trip for two weeks in the summer.

    Hopefully another country will vote to exit the EU and cause the Euro to be at parity or even less than the dollar 🙂

    Here is to an EPIC 2017!!!

    • Earn $500,000l holy hell! Maybe you’ll make your $10,000,000 goal after all.

      Europe! And we’ll be in Ireland and Scotland too. If you happened to be going in August, look me up!

  4. Happy new year 1500’s! Looks like you’re in store for an awesome year. I made a variety of different goals for the new year-a few highlights are:
    -Go on a road trip around New England starting from where we live in CT. With three young boys this should be fun/interesting!
    -Be more creative: do a new art project/new recipe every month
    -Get more active by helping my 13 year old get his hiking merit badge in Boy Scouts. This involves several 10 mile hikes and a 20 mile hike-it’ll be an adventure!
    -Continue to bump up my mortgage payoff and college savings funds. I don’t think these will be finished this year, but I plan to make a big dent

    Here’s to a great 2017!

    • Hi CMO! Happy New Year right back at ya’! Maybe we’ll cross paths on our East Coast roadtrips? Perhaps meeting 3 young boys would stop our 2 girls from antagonizing each other nonstop?

  5. Beth says:

    No killing this blog. Seriously. We’d all miss you too much. 🙂 Maybe you can do the “next 1500 days” kind a thing.

    My financial goals are:

    – Find a financial advisor to help me get my money out of cash and mutual funds. I thought a lot about it, and trying to do this on my own hasn’t worked well for me in the past couple of years. Time to hire an expert, at least to get me started.

    – Get a will drawn up. As a singleton without kids, I confess I never made this much of a priority. But I’m a grown up. Time to deal.

    – Deal with my insurance needs. Home and auto are already optimized, but it’s time to make sure life/disability/critical illness is looked after too. What do I need beyond what my employer offers? And what if I don’t stay at this employer?

    And a non-financial goal:

    – Learn to play a song on my guitar. I’m totally a newbie 🙂

    • “next 1500 days” Are you a mind reader? 🙂

      I’m intrigued by your first goal. It really isn’t that hard to do by your singleton self. Let me know if you need any advice or assistance.

      And guitar! I’ve been playing for years, but still stink at it! YouTube has loads of great lessons though. Maybe we can do a duet of “Hot Cross Buns” in 2017? 🙂

  6. Add another to the do not kill petition. I really enjoy your blog.
    If the light switch thing works please let me know, anything to get my wife to turn one off. Otherwise I’m going to have to train the kids to turn them off for her ;).

    First stop on our travel plans is a second trip to Martinique for our annual winter spring/trip. It’s a very cheap trip out of Baltimore and we had a blast on our last trip. The only issue, most people including my credit card company seem to have never heard of it. We’re still discussing the summer trip.

    Best of luck in 2017 to you.
    Full Time Finance recently posted…Value of TimeMy Profile

  7. Roadrunner says:

    Nice goals, but I know from experience that you will never be able to train the Mrs to switch off the lights. I tried it myself and I failed 🙂
    Also check your free space on your hard drive, those beer-o-meter spreadsheets can be huge 🙂

    • “Nice goals, but I know from experience that you will never be able to train the Mrs to switch off the lights. I tried it myself and I failed”

      I know, right? I could create 1000 years of peace in the Middle East before I getting the Mrs. to consistently turn off lights…

  8. Sound like excellent goals! I would like to do one international trip (TBD), one domestic vacation (not going to an FIRE gathering), and take a few days off to just laze around.

    My 2017 goals are to care more: about others, how I think about others, how I think about myself, and taking better care of myself. That means monthly massages, a chiropractic adjustment or two, a Whole30 month and training for a 5k. I also intend to grow a bigger and better network of FIRE people!

  9. As I go and turn the lights off in the room he just left and the thermostat down a few degrees….
    Love the beer-o-meter and we could use one! Need to leave the drinking to when we are with friends. FinCon17? Meeting many new friends for us will definitely require lots of beer!
    Our theme for 2017 – CHANGES – probably more than in any other year of our lives. Both kids off to college (grad/undergrad) in new cities, an “empty nest”, possible downsizing of our home, more travel – out West in fall 2017 and FinCon17 in Dallas, “snowbirding” in our Florida condo, downshifting (again…) at work.
    Yea…stressful (but exciting) even typing it!
    Thanks for all the laughs (and financial tips) – and Happy New Year too!
    Vicki@MakeSmarterDecisions recently posted…Can an Hour on a Jet Ski Help Him Make Smarter Spending Decisions?My Profile

    • Hey Vicki! I hope you do make it to FinCon! It is a wonderful time and there is lots of free beer (does the Beer-O-Meter register free beers?).

      Happy New Year!

  10. I would definitely be disappointed if you kill the blog. So I definitely hope that’s not in the future for 2017. My two main goals for 2017 are to find a new position at work where I can stretch myself and then to continue going to the gym. While I’m not sure 10% is realistic, I like cookies too much, hopefully I can get to the point where I feel athletic again 🙂

    I hope you and your family have a great 2017!!!
    Mustard Seed Money recently posted…My Goals for 2017My Profile

    • Oh my, cookies. I ate at least 50 in the month of December. Who am I kidding, it was probably close to 100. ***looks down, sees bulbous gust, shakes head***

  11. All great goals. You should add “keep the blog going strong in 2017” though. Wouldn’t want to see it pass by…

    As for me – big goals are to make a serious change at work (new project, new job, or just quit) and to have a kid. Woah. #gamechanger.

    If you need tips on Maine – let me know, that’s where I grew up!
    Freedom 40 Guy recently posted…2017 Goals – Big Job Change in the Works?My Profile

  12. No beers on 1/1? I call foul.

    2017 is shaping up to be an interesting year for us. We are sending our twins off to college. Our goal is to cash flow it and take on no debt. We need to survive Senior trip, Prom, and Graduation first. Wish us luck.
    Brian @ Debt Discipline recently posted…2016 Recap and Goals for the New YearMy Profile

  13. I usually avoid set-in-stone resolutions since I never really follow through on them. But the new year is the perfect time to reflect on our lives and how we’d like to improve ourselves; and I think that’s a good thing. 
    Oooh, I hope we can see that mobile app! I used to do marketing at an app company so I know it’s not easy to ship out a kickass app. It’s funny because Mr. Picky Pincher has also vowed to drink less. After we spent $200 on beer one month, he decided to cut back (wise choice!). He’s also limiting himself to 1-2 beers on weekdays and I think 3-4 on the weekends. I prefer to drink out of Bota Boxes, per Mr. Money Mustache’s suggestion, since my daily drinking cost is about 50 cents, which isn’t too shabby.
    I’d love to see the blog continue after the 1500 days are up, but hey, blogs are a lot of work so I wouldn’t blame you if it went kaput.
    Duuuuude that is one badass playhouse!!!! I wish I had something that awesome when I was an anklebiter.
    2017 is going to be another great year for the Picky Pinchers. I’ll mark one year of blogging, which is crazy. I’ve gotten such a sense of purpose from it and I hope to continue trucking along in the New Year.
    As far as our awesome goals, we do want to build a drum room for Mr. Picky Pincher so we aren’t Those Neighbors. Financially we’ve started paying off our $65,000 student loans, which should be paid off in 18 months or so. 2017 will be the year of student loan decimation!
    Mrs. Picky Pincher recently posted…The Picky Pinchers’ December Budget ReportMy Profile

  14. I’m not actually very big on New Year’s resolutions. I think the whole mindset creates unrealistic goals with little staying power…which is why I like to set goals for myself after the grogginess of a New Year wears-off.

    For example, I’d like to grow my dividend income by 10% this year, but until I do our taxes I’m not sure if that’s feasible or not. Last year it was around $48k, which was nice, but not quite enough…

    I’d also like to keep growing my blog and improving my writing, but how do I quantify these things? There’s a lot not under my control too. I’ll have to think about it…not something I’ll finish in the first day of the year.

    • $48,000 is a load of dividend income. Nice work.

      I quantify writing improvements by looking at some of my posts from 3 years ago. I gag when reading some of them…

  15. Mrs. BITA says:

    I’ve never met a dragon fund that I didn’t want to contribute to, so sign me up. There cannot be enough dragons. Dragons for world peace. The dragons we deserve. And clearly, they have to be named Poo-Poo and Chi-Chi.

    Those are some worthy goals you have there. A Happy New Year to you.

    Oh and Mrs. 1500 must be Mr. BITA’s sister from another mother. They both suffer from the same light switch disease.

  16. Ms. Liz says:

    Build in a reward for the girls if the electric bill is below a certain amount. They’ll apply the pressure on Mrs. 1500 and you won’t have to. When I was a kid, we got a trip to Baskin Robbins if the bill was below a certain amount–I think it was really a way to get Mom’s electric use under control. Make it a reasonable amount–I broke the dishwasher door and almost broke my nose tripping over said door because Mr. turned off the lights in the kitchen . . .

  17. Ms. Montana says:

    I love the zip line idea. My kids would freak. The local park has a nice one, and they are so obsessed. Hum… Although I made a “Not in 2017” list before I set my new goals. And one of the those items was NO home renovations (or projects). If it takes more than a day, we aren’t doing it. I have some big plans for 2017, so something had to go first. Once I finish tiling our master bath shower, I’m DONE! My “work” clothes are going into the back of the closet. My painting cardigan won’t see the light of day. Side note: I do own a cardigan for every occasion, to include painting.
    Ms. Montana recently posted…Making Space for New GoalsMy Profile

  18. 10% body fat will make you ripped! It’s gonna be hard with regular beer consumption, but it’s possible!

    I’d love to get down there as well to win more in tennis. Alas, I think I’m too lazy. Maybe 15%?

    Looking forward to seeing what’s next after 1,500 days!


    • I’ve got to get my damn health optimized. 10% won’t be easy, but it is a worthwhile goal. I need to find one of those fancy water immersion places to get it measured accurately…

  19. Amanda S says:

    A spreadsheet solves many of life’s problems!!! There is nothing wrong with automating almost anything and everything, right?…

    Our goals for the year include:

    – getting married

    -doing more of the trails in our immediate area along with starting this:

    – maybe reading more, cooking more…

    And please don’t leave the blog alone! It’s so great to hear about the evolution of early retirement and what it means! And there will be so fewer dinosaurs on the internet…

    Names, names: Lucy and Betty. Or Gingerator and Gigantor.
    Amanda S recently posted…When Temptation Strikes…My Profile

    • Lucy and Betty, nice ones!

      And more hiking is a very worthwhile goal! I soooo look forward to doing this in 2017 on Saturday mornings instead of working on the damn house!

  20. I hope you are putting Newport, Rhode Island as one of your stops up to Maine. We’d love to see you and you’d probably like the mansions (though they are seriously lacking dinosaurs).

    I’d name the dragons after Firefly characters. I’ll have to get back to you on the rest of the items.
    Lazy Man and Money recently posted…Happy 2017: Here’s Your Guide to SuccessMy Profile

  21. TJ says:

    My goal is to think less about the money and try to just enjoy life. We’ll see what happens!
    TJ recently posted…2016 Financial Year in ReviewMy Profile

  22. Brian says:

    I’m going to be a smart ass here, but what about three-way switches? The lights can be off with the switch in the up position… I think the solution to this, and your thermostat battle is to install those fancy smart home devices, then you control everything from your phone. Think of the power!

    • Oh, that would be awesome! I’d love to have the power to control everything from my phone. I can here Mrs. 1500’s ear piercing shrieks now when I “accidentally” cut the lights in the bathroom in the middle of her evening shower.

  23. Jacq says:

    I need to add cardio to my week. I was bit more trim although it was a hectic life when I was exercising 3 + days a week.
    I need to create a will / estate plan, especially the medical directives part.
    I need to find a balance of teaching yoga, work, taking yoga and the other parts of my life. Associated with yoga teaching I need to create an llc to keep that separate too.
    Recent unexpected events mean my attention, and energy may be needed aside from work & yoga. I think that is a good start for 2017 goals, with updates / new targets as I accomplish these.
    Wishing everyone a happy healthy new year!

  24. CPP says:

    Great goals! Best of luck!

    My financial goal: kill off the last of my and DH student loan debt before my 30th birthday (6 months and $25,000 to go!)

    Personal goal: re learn Italian by practicing 5 minutes each day. I spoke the language pretty well in college but have mostly forgotten it due to disuse. I’ve found a language app and hope that a minimum of 5 minutes each day will keep me motivated.

  25. Great goals and comments on this post. Especially love the “workout 250 times” by Dominich at Gen Y Finance.

    My goals for 2017 are the following:

    Pay off a rental property known as 2122
    We are on track to have one of our investment properties paid off this year. Most likely it will be mid-2017 around June. Really excited about this as the income will help us get the other property paid off and begin building wealth for early retirement.

    Earn $10,000 in side-hustles
    My plan for this is to earn extra passive income through eBay, Etsy and public relations/marketing services. I’ll also add “catch alls” like Ibotta and Ebates here.

    Fully fund my 2016 Roth IRA
    At this point I’m about half-way there, but will have this done by tax time.

    Cut back on Boozie spending
    I’m spending way too much on alcohol. Plus, it’s not good for my health.

    Grow my Twitter account to 1,000 followers
    I’m at about 450 now, so I think this is very doable.

    Have a net worth of $250,000
    A quarter of a million has a very nice ring to it. I’m at about $220,000 now and should reach this no problem.

    Increase my investments to $40,000
    I’m at $33,000 now. If the market holds and with my contributions I should reach this goal too without issue.

  26. Erin says:

    Happy new year! Here are a few of my 2017 plans:
    – Read 75 books (I read 81 in 2016, but I have some plans this year that may limit reading time, so I think 75 is good)
    – Visit at least 3 friends (they’re all over the U.S., and I want to prioritize seeing my people)
    – More yoga, more walking, more going outside
    – Get a 3rd tattoo
    – Give time and money regularly (I’m good with the money, but I want to get better at giving my time!)

    No money goals! We always have something short term we’re saving for and I plan to max out my 401(k) again, but both of those things are automatic 🙂

  27. Please name your komodo dragons Mr. Roboto, Morpheus and Captain Sparkles.


  28. Thomas says:

    My goal is to put 300 things (about one per day) of my stuff for sale online or just throw them away if nobody wants it.
    It just takes up space and will not be used again.

  29. Rich Schmidt says:

    I’m working on goals all this month, so I don’t know them all yet… but I do know a couple:

    – Raise $5,000 for clean water with Team World Vision.
    – Run the Chicago Marathon in under 4 hours (with Team World Vision).

    Those two go together. 🙂 It’ll be my third Chicago Marathon, and I’ve run the first two in about 4.5 hours. I raised just over $2k the first year, just over $3k last year. Shooting for $5k this year! (!)

    Along with that, I’m hoping to get my weight down from my current 179 lbs to a more reasonable 165 lbs. I’d be OK with 170, if more of it were muscle. 😀

    Oh, and I’m hoping to get 100-200 people to walk or run in World Vision’s Global 6k for Water in May. Our church is going to be a host site for the first time this year. So far, I have 2: myself & my wife. We start promoting it later this month. 🙂

    I look forward to following the continuing saga of the Family 1500! I’m curious, too, what direction you’ll take the blog…

    • Rich-

      Nice work on running a marathon and raising money for a worthy cause! I have recently started running, but I don’t think there is any way in hell that I’m ever running 26 miles. I hold you in high esteem for making it happen though.

      May your 2017 be the best year ever!

      • Rich Schmidt says:

        Team World Vision does a great job of helping new runners hit their marathon goals. Every year, they help people who’ve never run more than a mile complete their first marathon. So while you might say “no way in hell” today… just wait! Unless you have serious health issues, it’s doable! 😀

  30. Rich Schmidt says:

    Where’s the donate link for the Komodo Dragon fund?

  31. I’ve been using an alcohol tracking app on my phone for over a year now and is actually quite scary how quickly a few beers add up over the week/month! Definitely do it, not geeky at all. Maybe we can have a competition… no, to see who can drink the least before you get the wrong idea 😉

    I’m calling 2017 the year of the big chill. I’ve had a manic few years and am done with goal setting for now! However some cool things I will be doing are:
    Running the London marathon for charity.
    Visiting Dubai for a friend’s wedding.
    Taking 8 weeks off work over summery (plans TBC right now!)

    I think it’s gonna be good year for both of us 🙂

    As usual if you’re down near London at all on your Europe trip and fancy breaking the beer-o-meter give me a shout.

    • “Maybe we can have a competition… no, to see who can drink the least before you get the wrong idea.”

      Ha ha, love it! I’m still at 0 for 2017. That may change on Friday…

      I’d love to meetup in person. I’m pretty sure we will be in London and Basingstoke in the middle of August. See you then?

  32. Jason says:

    Pay off 10% of my debt (about $29,000….including the house), save about 30k in retirement savings, and be successful with our IVF treatments after a previous setback. The last one being the most important. In some respects that is more of a wish than a goal, but here is to hoping.

  33. Donna says:

    The blog must not die. The blog must continue. No matter what new form it may take.

  34. Good goals! Best of luck. Mrs. 1500 is in good company with Mrs. TFR on that whole light switch thingie. I gave up the fight long back, you are a more persistent man…but you seem to not have got the memo that the wifey is always right. Still, may 2017 be ‘darker’ in your house 😀
    Ten Factorial Rocks recently posted…Financial Independence is Mandatory, Retiring Early is OptionalMy Profile

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