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About the Time One of My Heroes Calls Me a Loser

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a saver. And I’d bet you’d cringe a little if someone called you a spender. Frugality is nerdy. And by nerdy, I mean cool. So, I laughed a little when someone forwarded me … Continue reading

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Ask the Readers: Tell Me about Your Summer Adventures

All of my recent Ask the Readers have been deep and serious! I’ve been asking about focus, sleep issues and even death. No fun! Besides, why should y’all have to figure out my problems? I should just hire a therapist! … Continue reading

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Performance Update (Day 1703): Rich Ducks and Bloated Guts

My main goal was to build an investment and cash portfolio of $1,120,000* in 1500 days**, starting from 1/1/2013 and ending in February of 2017. I made my goal last year and my 1500 Days are over, but in the interest of openness, I’ll continue to … Continue reading

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What do You Want to do Before You Die?

Sometimes, I have to wander around for hours to come with a post idea. Other times, they just pop up out of nowhere and smack me in the face. The latter happened last week when I was hiking around Boulder with … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Get Rich Slow Mindset

Today’s guest post comes from Andrew Syrios over at Today, Andrew reminds us of the importance of delayed gratification. No matter what you’ve heard from get-rich-quick gurus, infomercials or game show hosts, becoming wealthy is not a quick and … Continue reading

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My Death March to Financial Independence

My journey to financial independence hit rock-bottom in 2008: My wife was busy taking care of our 1-year-old baby. I was busy with a job that consumed more than 40 hours per week. We were flipping a home and I was doing much of … Continue reading

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Ask the Readers: Focus, FI Life and an Agreeable Wife

FI Life and an Agreeable Wife On Monday one week ago, I hiked Longs Peak. It was a last-minute decision. I looked at the weather on Sunday evening and it was going to be a great day, so I decided to … Continue reading

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Thursday Rant: 6 Phrases that will Doom Your Finances

I’ve been happier lately, so I’ve laid off the ranting. This doesn’t mean that I can’t still get angry every once in a while… How often do you hear nonsense disguised as wisdom that makes you want to run for the exit? … Continue reading

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Interview with Da Coach

Hey everyone, Da Coach interviewed me for his investor/entrepreneur series! And by “Da Coach,” I’m referring to Coach Carson and not Mike Ditka. And I’m sorry for my Chicago slang. I was born and raised in Chicagoland (more slang) and still … Continue reading

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Ask the Readers: Why Can’t I Sleep?

Last week, I asked you about motivation related to physical fitness. I was really inspired by your answers, so I went a little off the deep end yesterday. Literally. I paid $50 to get my body fat measured in the most … Continue reading

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