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Friday Gratitude: Full Circle

I hate hate hate name dropping, but today, I must tell a story I’ve never told before; how I met Mr. Money Mustache. That isn’t the focus of the post though. That is even better. We were in a bad place at … Continue reading

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Portfolio Update: Dinoriffic Investing Advice

This blog is supposed to be about money, but I haven’t shared my portfolio since the end of 2015. Today, I lay it all out for you.   Before we get to the juicy details, note the following: My portfolio … Continue reading

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How did you discover the FI Movement?

Confession: I’m not perfectly adjusted and lack creativity. My life could be drastically different right now. And it would be for the worse. If not for a serendipitous turn, I might still be at my job. The thought of leaving work … Continue reading

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Notes From the First Week of Freedom

I announced that I was done with formal work last Friday. I sent my laptop back on Monday of this week. I’m not at all sorry to see it go. It was a piece of crap that caused endless frustration. Good riddance! I … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Investment Account for Entrepreneurs

I recently wrote a post for InvestmentZen that contains useful, actionable information (a rarity for me!) It’s about self-directed solo 401(k)s, an incredibly useful investing account. Read why I opened this account below or click over to InvestmentZen to get … Continue reading

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Ask the Readers: How Much Would You Bet?

The Buddha, the Godhead, resides quite as comfortably in the circuits of a digital computer or the gears of a cycle transmission as he does at the top of the mountain, or in the petals of a flower. –Robert Pirsig, … Continue reading

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It’s official. I’m done with formal work*. So long and good-night job. It was very nice to know you, but I’m happy that our paths now diverge.   1/10/2017 (Tuesday) I started writing this post on January 10th. I was … Continue reading

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Living Right with Montana Money Adventures

If you think money is the goal of us FI bloggers, you’d be wrong. Well, I concede that there may be some of us who have a shallow goal, like accumulating a certain amount of money in a certain amount … Continue reading

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Friday Gratitude: Goodbye Office

Way back in 2002, I was working as a software developer for a life insurance company. The job was close to home and I enjoyed the work. My coworkers were a smart and fun group of people. I was happy. … Continue reading

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Performance Update (Day 1550): Daughter D Learns a New Word

My main goal was to build an investment and cash portfolio of $1,120,000* in 1500 days**, starting from 1/1/2013 and ending in February of 2017. I made my goal last year and my 1500 Days are over, but in the interest of openness, I’ll … Continue reading

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