Dialing it Back

Ask the Readers returns next week. I need to dial it back, just for a moment…

Above all, post-life work has been stupendous. It took me about 2 milliseconds to forget about my job. Formal work ended 31 days ago, but it feels like years. (Mrs. 1500 note: I told you!)

I didn’t sit back and rest for even a moment. On the weekend after I left my job, I joined older daughter for a sleepover at Denver Museum or Nature and Science:

Camping out in front of a wild turkey exhibit

I then went to Wisconsin to see Jim Collins and The Wealthy Accountant. I also checked out an Acura NSX that happened to be close:


A view from the Collins Compound

The Wealthy Accountant and Mr. Collins

Frugalsaurus and Spendosaurus partake

Fine Japanese engineering


The following weekend, Mrs. 1500 and I flew to Florida to watch the Berkshire conference with the Penny Planters, Mr. Income Surfer and the purveyors of Grumpy Goat Coffee:

Watching the Berkshire meeting! Do as Warren and Charlie do…

Gratuitous sunset pic

Mrs. 1500 investigates Mr. PoP’s fast car

Shout out to Grumpy Goat!

(Mrs. 1500 Rave: Grumpy Goat coffee is fantastic! Mr. 1500 does not drink coffee, an egregious character flaw that I generously overlooked when deciding to both date and marry him. Brian over at Grumpy Goat roasts to order, so you aren’t getting old, dry beans. If you are a coffee drinker, check out the Peruvian or Ethiopian. Espresso grind the beans for a super treat.)

Fort Lauderdale Beach


I couldn’t stop thinking about Mr. PoP’s NSX, so I flew back to Wisconsin to look at the black one again. I decided to buy it and drive it back to Colorado. The story of the car deserves its own post, so I’ll save it for another day. I will divulge that the drive back was mostly uneventful (mechanical perfection, inquisitive folks at gas stations and only one encounter with law enforcement):


The day after I got back into town, I met up with friends for hiking in Boulder and a concert at Red Rocks:

Nicholas Murphy (aka Chet Faker)


I’m tired.

Life is great, but I’ve overbooked myself. I hate having no downtime. I go crazy if I don’t have time to sit back and just think.

It’s time to dial it back. I need to step away, but not for long.

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50 Responses to Dialing it Back

  1. Congrats on the NSX!!! You are going to love the car. I had a co-worker that bought one in the early 2000s and he loved it. I rode in the car a couple of times and it was an amazing car!!! Sounds like you made an awesome purchase and are really enjoying retirement 🙂
    Mustard Seed Money recently posted…Ugly House versus Fixer UpperMy Profile

  2. Team CF says:

    He bought it! Awesome! Darn, now I have to start looking for flight tickets to Denver 🙂 Very happy for you, enjoy the heck out of your new depreciating asset.
    As to the rest of the post with pretty and delicious pictures, glad to see you are enjoying yourself. Maybe you need a brake on an island with white sandy beaches?
    Team CF recently posted…April 2017 Cheesy IndexMy Profile

  3. Buying an NSX!!! I thought all you early retirement guys had to live a life of deprivation. Don’t worry, I won’t tell the Retirement Police. It looks amazing, congrats!

    • Ha ha, I’ve been thinking about this for 25 years. This will be the one and only time I go off the rails. And if I don’t like it, I should be able to get my money out of it in a couple years…

  4. I got to say I love the rims on your black NSX! It looks so sweet. You’ll have to tell us how much you paid.

    Don’t tell your sister!!

  5. Jeff from Jersey says:

    Congrats on the NSX acquisition…what was the first song you played on the sound system post ownership? Usually sets the tone for the life of the car with the owner.
    Thinking of you heading home after the car purchase, all I can think of is the parking attendants on their joyride of the Ferrari during Ferris Bueller with the Star Wars theme in the background.
    Don’t burn yourself out too much in retirement, you got a long way to go buddy.

  6. Congrats on the NSX. I want pictures inside and out… I’ve ridden in one years ago owned by a friend from my car club. I’ve never driven one. It sounds like you’ve had a busy time of it.
    FullTimeFinance recently posted…What does the Personal in Personal Finance Mean?My Profile

  7. MMP says:

    That was a quick month. Can’t wait to hear the NSX tail. Looks like it’s got some sweet rims too. 🙂
    MMP recently posted…Financial FreedomMy Profile

  8. Awesome month! That was a great read and I can’t wait for the moment I can make a similar post.

    Nice car by the way 🙂
    Owen @ PlanEasy recently posted…Confessions of a Reverse BudgeterMy Profile

  9. Brian says:

    I’ve never had the pleasure of riding/driving an NSX. You bringing it to NY? Looking forward to hearing the details.

  10. Awesome you finally got your dream car! Can’t wait to hear how there was only one little incident with law enforcement. I’m like you where overbooking happens and I love to have some down time to just refresh. Enjoy stepping away for a little bit to recharge 🙂

  11. Hey, congrats on finding your dream car! Can’t wait to hear about the drive down. 🙂 I’m so happy to see all of your post-retirement adventures! I think early retirement folks end up busier than they were previously, thanks to not having to clock into a job every day. 🙂
    Mrs. Picky Pincher recently posted…What a Frugal Weekend!My Profile

  12. Old School says:

    Got a name for the car yet?

  13. It does sound like you’ve had quite the packed agenda. Congrats on the car. No shame in slowing down either.
    Fervent Finance recently posted…To Buy or Not to BuyMy Profile

  14. Kyle says:

    I could attempt a guest post some time, I’d need to think of a topic and more time though. Was that NSX in Oconomowoc by chance? I’ve seen a couple in that area.

    I’m jealous of your post-work life, looks like you’ve been having a blast. I went to Dark Lord day Saturday, 10,000 people at 3 Floyds. We’ll have to enjoy a Dark Lord beer someday. We’ll see if I make it out to the Great American Beer festival this year.
    Kyle recently posted…StagnationMy Profile

  15. Wow, that sounds like a fantastic month! And nice job on the new car!

    That seems to be the MO of early retirees – trying to cram everything in at once before needing to stop for a breather. Looks like you’re having a great time – enjoy!!

    — Jim
    Jim @ Route To Retire recently posted…The Secret Ingredient to Making Money With Real Estate RentalsMy Profile

  16. Mrs. BITA says:

    I lack the car gene, but even I can tell that that is one sexy beast of a car. Well done.

    You’ve certainly started off your retirement with a bang. Enjoy the breather.
    Mrs. BITA recently posted…What Will You Leave Behind?My Profile

  17. Mr. Tako says:

    Congrats on the NSX!

    Seems like you’ve been pushing yourself really hard since you left work. What’s the rush? No sense exhausting yourself!

    ER’s a marathon, not a sprint! Take time to smell the flowers!
    Mr. Tako recently posted…The Frugal Mother’s Day SpecialMy Profile

  18. Joe says:

    Yeah, dial it back a bit man. You’re making me look bad. 🙂
    You’ve got a lot of years left in ER.
    Looks like you’re having a great time. Enjoy!

  19. Lucas says:

    Sounds like a fun month, but yeah, maybe a bit too busy for my taste! Sounds like you came right through my area as we are just west of Appleton WI 🙂

  20. ESI Money says:

    Awesome!!!!! Time to drive that car down here to CS!!!!!

    I can always whip out a post or two on a couple day’s notice if you need me to. 😉

    BTW, have to agree with your wife on the issue of coffee. I see an intervention happening at FinCon.
    ESI Money recently posted…Millionaire Interview 9My Profile

  21. Tawcan says:

    Sounds like you have been very busy. Good for you? Are you coming to FinCon? If so can’t wait to meet you finally in person. Gratitude post? What do you have in mind?

  22. Jeff D says:

    Everybody wants to know about the car, meh. I want to know which of the fantastic New Glarus beers filled that glass?

  23. And I thought I was splurging by buying a motorcycle. Nice NSX, I like it in black. I’m with you on needing downtime – sometimes you just need time to think.
    Mr. Need2save recently posted…3 LEGACY GIFTS FROM MY MOMMy Profile

  24. Dialing it back…I know exactly how you feel. Just too much *living* to do when you aren’t consumed with a full-time job.

    Congrats again, and enjoy. 🙂
    Steve @ Think Save Retire recently posted…After 1,000,000 blog hits, here’s what I learned about running a blogMy Profile

  25. Thomas says:

    Finally, you got your NSX! Congratulations!

    I think you got one of the best cars ever built.

    In “Top Gear” magazine they had an article featuring both the new and the old one. I said to my wife, that I still prefer the style of the old one in comparison to the new hybrid car. I wish they would make a Frankenstein car with the old body and chassis and the new hybrid drive.

  26. Sounds like you are having a blast in your ER. Congrats on finally getting your car. Enjoy!

  27. Taking time to think is super important, especially in a modern culture that seems to be addicted to busyness. I’m taking a bit of a breather myself…. after all, we are human beings, not human doings. 🙂

  28. The first few months out of work I felt like a hyper dog that just got let outside. I lost a bunch of weight going crazy with tons of activities and projects. Took me 6 months to finally settle down and slow my brain down. Now I might be getting too lazy 🙂

    Glad to hear your living it up, I think this sort of lifestyle is going to suit you just fine. Also sweet ride! Black is my color of choice 🙂 Do you give test drives ?

    • Ha, good analogy! I feel like a hyper dog on amphetamines. I hope I settle down soon.

      And yeah, test drives are welcome! Before the beer tasting.

  29. That NSX is definitely one of the cars I drooled over when checking out the auto magazines as a kid.
    Are you trying to get everyone to retire? If this is your first month, how are you gonna top that? Pace yourself. 🙂
    I’m anxiously awaiting the NSX post.

    • Ha ha, yeah I went off the deep end! Next up is a 12,000 square foot mansion and a yacht! On second thought, no. I’m fine with one little indulgence…

  30. Sweet ride, dude!

    I know this perfect spot up north where you can dial it way back. In fact, you almost have to dial back. There’s just not that much to do. But it might be just what the doctor ordered.


  31. Roaster says:

    Thanks for the shout out and congrats on the NSX!

  32. Great post and great pictures!

    I’m in the process of winding down as I close in on FI. I’ll be watching you closely as I start building towards my new life. Keep up the good posts and enjoy life.

  33. Arrgo says:

    Really like the wheels and tires. (Sharp wheels and tires really make your car stand out and look great I think.) And I agree that its important to take a break and regroup a bit whether you are working or not.

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