Friday Mindfulness: Confession, I’m Polyinvestmentamorous

Happy happy, joy joy! I’m trying to be happier, so on Fridays, I’m writing about all of the stuff that has put me in a good mood lately. Hey you, stop gagging!

Anyway, this is a great mind exercise because knowing that I have to write this post makes me focus on positivity. Today, I write about Transformers and my alternative lifestyle (I’m polyinvestmentamarous). Don’t judge, Mrs. 1500 approves and even encourages it!

I had a conversation that I never, ever thought I’d have a couple of weeks ago. I was picking up my older daughter from a friend’s house and started talking to the mother. The conversation soon turned to Transformers. Yes, the robots that turn into other things:

Foreground: Slag and Snarl. Background: Optimus Prime and Megatron.

I swear on my nest egg, the conversation below actually took place. I can’t make stuff like this up. It started when I noticed the family was watching a Transformers cartoon:

  • Me: Hey, Transformers!
  • Mother: I love Transformers!
  • Me: Oh yeah? I still have mine from when I was a kid. I even have a couple Dinobots*.
  • Mother: Wow, which ones!?
  • Me; I have the stegosaurus and the triceratops.
  • Mother: Holy cow, that’s awesome! By the way, their names are Snarl and Slag.
  • Me: Wow? You know their names?! Is that what they’re really called?
  • Mother: Oh yeah, I totally remember.

The conversation eventually turned to Megatron, the leader of the evil Decepticons. The mother was impressed that I still had the original and asked me to bring him over next time we met. Upon returning home, I verified that she actually knew the names of the Dinobots. She did. I was highly amused.


My Tribe

More Dinosaurs (at the beer fest)

The Transformer loving mom is just one person in our local tribe who my family enjoys spending time with. We’re thankful for all of the people in our life. We go camping and have spontaneous gatherings in the middle of the street with our neighbors (we live on a quiet, dead end). This last weekend, some of us walked over to a local beer fest.

And I’ll tell you what isn’t fun: living around people you I don’t like. The neighborhood we lived in prior to this one was beautiful and we had a huge home, but our neighbors were shallow and we were miserable. We’re much happier in our small home with good people around us.



I’m obsessed with making money and I freely confess that I’m an investing slut (thanks Mrs. BITA for putting that word in my head). Yes, I’ll spread my wallet wide open for a chance to make more money. I consider all different types of investments, as long as they’re ethical. I currently hold individual stocks, index funds, two hard money loans and a private equity investment. Call me polyinvestmentamarous.

I don’t understand why some folks get stuck on one investing style and dismiss everything else. I go where the opportunity (and polyinvestmentamory) takes me. On InvestmentZen, I wrote about real estate versus stock market investing (hint: I love both). In the post, I’ve included a free download that lists my favorite landlording tips.

And check me out on the ChooseFi podcast. At the time of the interview, I was going on about 3 hours of sleep, so it wasn’t my best performance. However, at one point, the conversation turned to Jocko Willink which was awesome. And Jocko even liked a tweet about the podcast which made my day (I’m easily excited):


What awesomemess is happening in your life?

Tell me about some good stuff going on with you! Let me have it and make it good or I’ll send Megatron and over. Or even worse, maybe I’ll send Jocko. You don’t want me to send Jocko:

Left: Megatron. Right Jocko (from his Twitter page)

And do let me know if you’d like to play Transformers someday**. Just kidding! Maybe…


*OK, so the Transformers were supposed to turn into stuff like cars and trucks to disguise themselves. As cool as I thought the Dinobots were when I was a kid, how on earth is a mechanical dinosaur a disguise?

**Maybe we can play Transformers after my last day of formal work which is 4/13***. I’m putting this way down here to see if anyone notices. Ha! Much more soon…

***Life is good****.

****Really good.

Join the 10s who have signed up already!

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*Only if your life is pretty bad to begin with.

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71 Responses to Friday Mindfulness: Confession, I’m Polyinvestmentamorous

  1. 4/13?? So close!

    Also I totally have a friend with one of those inflatable t-rex costumes. From the stories she tells, it was a very good investment in happiness indeed. 😊

    Lots of things are awesome now! Weekend is full of get-togethers, lots of writing inspiration, recently got access to mega backdoor roth, oh, and we made a real estate investment assessment calculator thing that was super fun to create (and that I’ll likely bug you for feedback on now). XD

    • 4/13!!! I know!

      Calling my boss with the news was incredibly difficult. I work for great people and am paid well to work from home part-time. I completely have it made.

      I’ve love to see your calculator! Do share!

  2. That’s awesome that you get along with your neighbors so well. My wife and I are in an older neighborhood so we are definitely in a different life stage and didn’t click with our neighbors as well. Although we still like them 🙂 But it would be fun to have the random BBQ with our neighbors and really get along. Maybe when/if we move we can find that 🙂
    Mustard Seed Money recently posted…Saving for the Future While Enjoying Life TodayMy Profile

  3. I recently bought a 125 cc vespa scooter. A used one of course! But at 2.750 euro and less than 11.000 km driven the price was very good and most definitely frugal. Not only will it give us a lot more transport options and help us not getting a second car. It has also made me feel like I was 16 again!! I do not really enjoy driving around in a car but I just love zipping around on the scooter!! Give me the choice between a free scooter and a free BMW (and not being able to sell the BMW after and buy a Scooter and invest the rest!) I honest to god would chose the scooter. it’s just awesome.

  4. Woah woah woah sneaking in huge news at the bottom!?! Sneaky!! Congrats on the last day!!

    I’ve never heard of a dinosaur called Polyinvestmentamorous. Then again I just know the usual like triceratops and T-Rex.

    I’m happy because I close on my awesome new cashflowing triplex one week from today!! Can’t wait to own my own property!
    Gwen @ FieryMillennials recently posted…My Vision of FI: Phase OneMy Profile

  5. Chris says:

    Way to sneak in that news at the bottom! Looking forward to the story on that one.

    I love the new term (poly-investment-amorous). Definitely describes me. I drive my wife nuts with it though. Some of the crazy is probably that I do a deep dive and don’t shut up about the new stuff for weeks on end…

    PS – I miss my old transformers. Those things were great!

  6. Mrs PoP says:

    Dude, sometimes it’s creepy how you and Mr PoP end up riding the same wavelength. Just yesterday he used the phrase discipline equals freedom with me and he hadn’t heard that podcast. You guys both read all those 4-hour books at the same time… seriously, kindof creepy. =P.
    Mrs PoP recently posted…All Bike Commutes Are Not Created EqualMy Profile

    • Oh my, that is hilarious! Hopefully, it didn’t go down like this:

      Mr. PoP: You’ve been watching reruns of the Brady Bunch for 4 hours now.
      Mrs. PoP: Ummm, actually 4.5…
      Mr. PoP: What happened to the Cheetos? Why are your lips orange?
      Mrs. PoP: Ummmmmmm….
      Mr. PoP: You need discipline in your life! Discipline equals freedom!!!

      Just kidding. Maybe…

  7. Haha. That’s hilarious about your transformers play date. I like the idea of writing down all the things that are going good in your life each week. I actually read about doing it somewhere, and started writing down the positive things for a few weeks, but I got out of the habit of it. Maybe I’ll start up again today!
    Go Finance Yourself! recently posted…How The Fed’s Interest Rate Hike Will Impact Mortgage RatesMy Profile

  8. I’ll try to make it good, I don’t need a visit from Megatron! My wife Lucy and I are in the final countdown until baby #2 arrives. It is really starting to hit home re-installing the baby carseat, etc!

    Oh, and nothing wrong with being a little polyinvestmentamorous…I think that’s ideal actually and I’m trying to expand my horizons further. I’m primarily an index fund investor, but also have about 20% of my investments in a small business venture with my brothers.

    Enjoy the weekend!
    The Green Swan recently posted…Blogging Update: The 1 Year EditionMy Profile

  9. Congrats! I guess more time for you to play with Transformers. I like the idea of being polyinvestmentasourous. The reality is, diversification is all about picking up uncorrelated assets. Now I’ve chosen not to do real estate directly due to limited time. However I still do real estate through other avenues like real estate loans and reits.

    • “The reality is, diversification is all about picking up uncorrelated assets.”

      Yes!! Market multiples are high, so I love the idea of deploying money elsewhere. As my friend Brad pointed out, this isn’t market timing, it’s diversifying. Well, maybe a little timing, but the real estate related investments are making me over 10%, so I can’t complain.

  10. RocDoc says:

    Congratulations on 4-13 being your last day of formal work. You’ve made it! The discipline and planning have allowed you to have the life you want and that is fantastic. I hope the dinosaur stories continue in retirement!

  11. Jacq says:

    Ahhhhhhhh 4/13! Excited dance. Good stuff…my bosses rock. I have green iced cupcakes for the party tonight. I have lots of green clothing to wear today. I’ve got a great family and extended family. I’m super excited to see friends tonight.
    And Claudia over at two cup house included me in her shout out list!

  12. Beth says:

    Wow, 4/13!! That is right around the corner. Congrats!!!

  13. Actually I’d love to meet Jocko!!! I think one good thing going on in my life is my cat is better. I know that makes me sounds like a crazy cat lady?, but I was THIS close to having to put him down because of a problem was having and in the 11th hour I found some medication that made the problem (knock on wood) go away!

    • He scares me, but wow, I’d love to meet him too. You’re right up the road, can you arrange it? 🙂

      I’m happy that your cat didn’t use all of his 9 lives yet!

  14. Danny says:

    Congrats on your last formal day of work coming up! Looking forward to reading your thoughts about it. Also, curious to hear about your private equity investment, as it’s one of the fields I work in.

    • I’d love to hear your thoughts on private equity since I’m a n00b. We put money behind this guy:

      My wife works for a real estate investing website and Praxis has a solid reputation, so I’m experimenting with one of its syndication deals.

      • Danny says:

        Interesting…please correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t that the private equity (PE) MMM put a little bit of a stake in as well? If not, I’m probably confusing my R/E PE’s Haha!

        Anyway, PE is an interesting business. The PE’s that I’ve seen include mostly leveraged buyouts (ex. when Golden Gate Capital bought Red Lobster) and distressed buyouts from manufacturing and R/E companies. To keep it simple, in those cases, the PE goes in and buys companies/real estate on the brink of disaster, and adds there management style, investor’s capital and knowledge of its particular industry to turn it around and make a profit. It kind of seems like this is the case with Praxis after briefly reading the website. Usually in a venture like this your investment is locked in with the PE for a fixed period of time (usually 5-7 years from what I’ve seen) and the fee structure is a 2&20 (2% mgmt fee and 20% on profit made in any given year(s)). Not sure if both scenarios are the case in your situation, but I’m sure you knew that going into this experiment. From what I’ve seen, a PE has the potential to generate insane profits, if done the right way. I think this is a interesting little thing you have both decided to do, and hope you write a post about it eventually. Wish you the best of luck in this venture!

        • Yeah, very similar model, only with dumpy apartment buildings. So, they buy old buildings and then rehab them. As renters turn over, they fix up the units and raise rents. The goal is to sell it in 8 years or sooner at a profit. I get payouts every quarter along with a big one at the end.

          I look at it as a way to diversify my investments. Market multiples are high now, so I’m more likely to consider something else if I think it has a reasonable chance of returning at least 10% per year.

          • Danny says:

            Actually, that sounds like an investment that’s right up your alley, and an area that you’re very knowledgeable in. Kind of sounds like a REIT for flippers, and with the potential for an even higher payout 🙂

          • Thanks Danny, I appreciate your comments! If you see any holes in this, please let me know! After all, you work in the field.

            The major risk I see is some bad macro event happens that wipes out the US or local economy where the building is located (San Antonio). San Antonio is heavily dependent on fossil energy and I don’t think that’s a positive for the long term, but it will be a while before oil really starts to decline.

          • Elizabeth says:

            I’m invested in three of these “fix and flip” apartment deals too, also in Texas. I agree with you that it seems like a really decent way to diversify, and the upside is substantial. The downside is really that if the market tanks and it’s a bad time to sell when the property is stabilized, they’ll just have to hold for 1-3 years longer than planned. Not a huge deal in my book. I like buy and hold anyway. 🙂 The guys managing the projects I’m in have a 10 year track record, and I’ve known one of them for nearly that long. I’m in three right now and one should sell or be refinanced later this year. Fingers crossed that the projects I finally decided to pull the trigger with them on aren’t the first ones to suck!

  15. stafford says:

    Transformers are cool, but what about GI Joe?? Sounds like you guys live in a great neighborhood. Congrats on the upcoming FI date. Cant wait to read about it more as it approaches.

  16. Brian says:

    Congrats on setting the date for kicking the job to the curb! Can’t wait to hear how that conversation went down.

    I wish I had my toys from my childhood. I have to phases. I have the mego super hero stuff from the 70s and then Star Wars took over. I lost the super hero stuff in a fire and as a broke dumb college kid sold all my Star Wars stuff for $100. Doh!

    What good over here? Family trip in a few days!
    Brian recently posted…Rant: Gift GivingMy Profile

    • “Can’t wait to hear how that conversation went down.”

      It was very difficult. I don’t hate my job and I work with good people who I respect deeply.

      Vacation, nice! Where are y’all going?

  17. Yay for the awesome news at the bottom!! Congrats!

    Oh and I actually shook my head (with a smile on my face) at this-“I’m obsessed with making money and I freely confess that I’m an investing slut (thanks Mrs. BITA for putting that word in my head). Yes, I’ll spread my wallet wide open for a chance to make more money.” Thanks for the laugh!

  18. Ms. Liz says:

    4/13! Holy $hit congratulations! Looking forward to welcoming you to the retired club!

  19. I lived in two different areas where everyone would have their garage doors open and the neighbors would mingle regularly…. like every day. I really miss that. In both those neighborhoods, I still have long term friends from living there. While I love the simple life of living in a condo, it is much harder to meet people if you don’t have a public area like a pool. I personally think knowing your neighbors will bring a person waaaaay more safety than the fanciest alarm system can bring.

    Congrats on 4/13!!
    Primal Prosperity recently posted…Living Outside the BoxMy Profile

  20. Mrs. BITA says:

    That is less than a month away! Are you super excited? Do you run around your house shouting wheeeeee and being so annoying that the rest of your family starts plotting to sedate you (I might be projecting. I imagine that is what is going to transpire once my date draws nigh)?

    I have a spreadsheet in which I record various things about my day. One of those things is whether or not I had a happy day. So in the night, I have to think over my day and either up the counter in the sheet or not. I love updating my sheets, so now, in the day, if it is 3 in the afternoon and the day still does not qualify as happy, I find myself searching out opportunities for happy just so I can bump up that count.

    Oh and you are welcome to that word. If the fact that it is now lodged in your head means that I have rid my head of it, yay!
    Mrs. BITA recently posted…The Quirks of Being Middle Class Indian (and how it benefits my wallet)My Profile

    • Ha ha, not running around yet. That phone call was difficult as hell. The people I work with and for are smart/good people. I make good money and have incredible flexibility. The incredible stress of the job is a thing of the past.

      As the days wind down, I get a little happier every day. I don’t think it will fully sink in until I’m done for good though.

  21. MrWoW says:

    April 13 – wow. Fun.

    Life is good for us. Just moving to our goal. We crossed a big investment milestone this week. So that’s good, and I hear the Mrs made some new friends last weekend, so thats always great too!

    PS – I think I still have all the constructicons and the pieces to make devastator. Along with soundwave and ravage and laserbeak. I’m sure there are more at my parents house. Its on!!

    • Constructicons!!! Damn! I think I had those, but they didn’t survive my mother’s toy purges. Sigh…

      Bring them to FinCon! That wouldn’t be strange or anything… But man, the G1 Transformers were soooo cool.

      Congratulations on crossing your milestone! I hope you cross many more soon!

  22. Joe says:

    Classic Megatron! That’s awesome. I like investing in different things too. It’s more interesting. Although, it might be better to concentrate in one thing and become really good at that. Enjoy the last month of work!

  23. Miles G says:

    Even though my comments aren’t technically only about this post, here goes nothing…

    1) I’m truly appreciative of your blog and efforts to educate AND entertain us, as you make your way towards ‘Financial Independence/Freedom’. Your journey has inspired me to create my own path and reconfigure my mind (“Invert, Always Invert.” – Some problems must be solved by thinking about the solution and working backwards).
    I think I got hooked via one of your Real Estate posts (I’m at the beginning stages of growing my portfolio). Its become a habit for me (while at work lol) to visit your site everyday, and when I see a new post, I lowkey celebrate in my seat #TheHappyDance

    2) Burning Question: A few weeks ago I visited my little brother in college (NJ) and noticed a pickup truck with your signature green dinosaur toy glued to the back. I waved in excitement but still question whether that was you 🙂

    3) I just wanted to say it again, ….’THANK YOU!’

  24. Kate says:

    Wow! Last day of work is less than a month away! I can’t believe it’s here already and I look forward to reading how your life twists and turns ahead. Definitely keep sharing, as I need my fill of old 80’s toys and dinosaurs!

    Our lives are headed in the right direction and I can’t complain. We work hard, we live below our means, and despite learning of several food intolerances I’ve taken great joy in learning to cook new and exciting foods. Love the new grateful Fridays!

  25. Alaska49 says:

    I retire in 58 days at are 52. I got the FI…missed out on the RE. The hard part is figuring out what to tell people.
    Them, “Why are you retiring?”
    What I want to say, “Because I saved a ton of money and have been in stock drips since I was 20 and the stress of my job is killing me”
    What I currently am saying, “I’m looking for new opportunities.”
    58, 57, 56……..oh yeah.

  26. Bunnyfreak says:

    So cool you decided to set an end date for work. Can wait for the posts on the details. Watched the transformer cartoons but didn’t have any. Still have my star wars figures though. My husband wishes his survived his purge as a teen.
    Happiness for me right is watching NCAA basketball at home with my family on some vacation days.

  27. Congrats! Can’t wait to see what is in store for after 4/13 🙂
    Fervent Finance recently posted…Time, the Ultimate CommodityMy Profile

  28. Jason says:

    I loved the Dinobots when I was a kid. I had the brontasaurus and the t-rex. I was also a fan of the cartoons. I fully admit to watching them when I was 13.

  29. bacson says:

    Congrats! Can’t wait to see what is in store for after 4/13

  30. Hey, I think the financial independence movement needs their own Transformer.

    I’m with you on the polyinvestmentamorous-thing….why tie yourself down to just one kind of investment. I say put your money where you’ll get the best returns. That’s going to vary over time, and a smart investor will follow the trend.
    Mr. Tako @ Mr. Tako Escapes recently posted…Investing in…Kids?My Profile

  31. Team CF says:

    We are definitely with you on the whole Polyinvestmentamorous approach. Whatever makes the most money is it for us too (within reasonable risk profiles obvously).

    Nice one on the 4/13!! It got noticed alright 😉
    Team CF recently posted…Investment IndexMy Profile

  32. Amber tree says:

    Same as Team CF, we are also Polyinvestmentamorous.

    I try to discover new investment strategies… All to increase my stash of money. This over time will add to the best life hack: be free!

    One thing I do to keep track of the happiness, is to write down little things that made me happy. Can be anything…

    All the best on 13/4

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