Adventures in Live-In Flipping

Today, I’m guest posting over on Coach Carson. I encourage you to go visit him, but if you’d like to read my best life advice and the story of how I met Chad first, read on.

No one has ever asked me this:

What is your best advice for achieving a successful life?

However, I know exactly how I’d answer:

Surround yourself with the best people who will have you.

Simple, right? It’s more difficult to implement though. If I had it my way, I’d be vacationing with Charlie Munger, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Benjamin Franklin and Voltaire. I have nothing to offer the first five and the last two are dead, so I’ll never get face time with any of these folks.

So, I seek out those who will have me.

Meet Chad Carson

Last year at a conference, I listened to a live podcast where the BiggerPockets crew was interviewing Chad Carson. A couple hours later, the Mad Fientist and I recorded a podcast on the same stage. Just as I had listened to Chad’s interview, he listened to mine. After it was over, Chad struck up a conversation.

From our chat and the BiggerPockets interview, I could tell Chad was someone I needed to follow. He’s an entrepreneur who knows how to make money; building a real estate empire at a young age. But lots of people know how to do that.

What I really appreciated is that Chad is a genuinely nice, thoughtful and accomplished person. He frequently quotes luminaries like Emerson and Aristotle. Even crazier, he was a starting linebacker at Clemson and a Rhodes Scholar finalist (I can’t make this stuff up). If Chad lived near me, I’d invite him over every weekend for a barbecue and beer just to hear his wisdom. I can’t do that, but at least I can collaborate with him.

Chad is filling in for me next week here on 1500 Days while I’m in Ecuador. I’ve already reviewed his post and it’s wonderful, but you have to wait until Monday to read it.

In the meantime, Chad was kind enough let me guest post on his blog, Coach Carson where I wrote about my adventures in live-in flipping. I haven’t discussed it much, but the core of my nest egg was built by flipping homes. Not like the drama fueled, risky flips on TV though. Our flips didn’t have a lot of excitement, but we made loads of tax free money anyway. Please click over to Coach Carson to read the rest of the story.

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8 Responses to Adventures in Live-In Flipping

  1. Read the article, good stuff Mr 1500!! Live in flips in my opinion are one of the best ways to get involved with real estate investing. Obviously it has worked out well for you.
    Alexander @ Cash Flow Diaries recently posted…October 2016 Net Worth UpdateMy Profile

  2. Kyle says:

    I recently realized all my friends since high school have been relatively successful. Most went to college and all make good money and are able to stand on their own feet with ease. I think a group of us all helped each other keep churning to get where we are. What was strange was realizing how many old friends from I didn’t keep in touch with ended up struggling and some had drug problems and not doing anything with their lives.

    “Surround yourself with the best people who will have you”. It makes a lot of sense to me and I believe is a big reason why I’ve turned out relatively successful. I’ve been interested in befriending some real estate people lately because I’d like to go down that path and It’s always a huge leg up when you know people who have done it successfully.

    • Yeah, I’ve always sought out people better than me that I can learn from them. That is what is so great about the FI community; loads of awesome folks how are killing it in life and also willing to share their information (and sometime even their beer!)! Thanks for that by the way, King Sue was stellar.

  3. Chad Carson says:

    Mr. 1500, thank you for awesome intro! Wow, I don’t know if I can live up to that:)

    But the feeling is certainly mutual. While blogging has been fun on its own, getting to meet some of the best people – like Mr. and Mrs. 1500, and getting to have fascinating conversations with them is just incredible.

    You mentioned Aristotle above … was it he who said that a recipe for a happy life is good conversation, backyard BBQ, and craft beer? Or maybe that was someone else?

    Sure sounds like the recipe for me!

    Have a great tip to Ecuador. I won’t burn down the blog (at least I hope not:).
    Chad Carson recently posted…Getting Rich With the Live-In House FlipMy Profile

  4. Surrounding yourself with great people is certainly sound advice. I’m heading over now to read your post on live-in flipping! And, I’m looking forward to seeing what Chad has to say here next week.
    Jon @ Be Net Worthy recently posted…The Scary Cost of a College EducationMy Profile

  5. Heading over to his blog now. 🙂 I love finding new FIRE peeps to follow!

    Also, I’m totally jelly about the Ecuador trip! I expect many photos and tales of frugal shenanigans.
    Mrs. Picky Pincher recently posted…6 Ways to Save Money on Thanksgiving DinnerMy Profile

  6. Abir says:

    This post reminds me of having surrounded by best people.This peope has a great influence over our life.That is what best about Fl community.
    Thanks for sharing informative awesome post

  7. Jonathan says:

    Your choice of friends reflects the person you are today, and will, in turn, affect the person you will become tomorrow.

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