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My name is Carl and I love to write. I’ve always loved to write. Have you ever heard of runner’s high? Expressing my thoughts with the written word gives me writer’s high. I feel better after I’ve written down my thoughts.

I’ve been featured on:

I’d love to write for you. Why me?

  • I will be on time. We will agree on a deadline and I won’t be late. Ever.
  • I will not misspell words. I will use correct grammar.
  • I will obey your word count. If you want 500 words, 500 is what you’ll get.
  • I will listen to you. I will understand your business and your requirements. I will write what you want.

Let’s get to the good part

I am passionate about my work. Whether it’s writing quirky material or it’s time to get serious, I can accommodate. My goal is for you to be successful. If my work doesn’t help you further your goals, we’ve both failed.

To get a better idea of my work, here are some of my favorite posts:

And Mrs. 1500 writes too:

And she’s a proofreader!
Do you know how to correctly use its and it’s? I do. I also know the difference between your and you’re. I can help you figure out the proper there, their or they’re to use in each sentence. Need to throw down to, too or two? I can help with that, too! Subject/verb agreement is in the bag. Quick turnaround for regular assignments as well as one-time jobs.

Interested? Reach us through the Contact page. We look forward to working with you.

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