How to Save Money on Black Friday

Stay home.







Ha ha, you didn’t really think that I was going to write a post on shopping tips, did you?

Staying home is boring though. If you’re near Rocky Mountain National Park, come out for a hike to Estes Cone:

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15 Responses to How to Save Money on Black Friday

  1. Jacq says:

    My black Friday is for friends. I might fill up my gas tank, or buy food, but no other shopping for me. 🙂

  2. What? You can even give me a shopping link?

    Haha! Love it Carl! Funny stuff.

    I plan to rake up some leaves in the yard, and play with the kids on Friday. That, and remind myself how awesome it is to be Financially Independent!

  3. We typically utilize Black Friday for a second thanksgiving at a different set of grand parents. I might be sick of turkey by the end of the week, but at least there is no shopping. That being said I did give the people what they want with a generic shopping post and a more interesting psychology pricing post. If they are h$$$ bent on shopping then hopefully they at least give some thought to whether its really a deal.
    Full Time Finance recently posted…How to Get a Good Deal on ElectronicsMy Profile

  4. Tawcan says:

    Lol good one. Should take a look at my ultimate Black Friday survival guide.

  5. Funny! We’ve never been Black Friday people. I rather relax at home with the family and eat leftovers! Enjoy!
    Jon @ Be Net Worthy recently posted…Not Feeling Thankful This Thanksgiving?My Profile

  6. I used to live in Fort Collins…. I’m getting jealous. 🙂

    Every time my husband and I take a walk in a beautiful park or forest area, I joke that we really should just be walking in a mall somewhere.

    I mean seriously, why would anyone want to go shopping on Black Friday???

    Thanks for reminding us to explore our wild side!
    Primal Prosperity recently posted…Feasting and FastingMy Profile

  7. Team CF says:

    Saw your tweet, was hoping this was going to be the answer. Nice!

  8. BSR says:

    I want to get out and go on a spending spree. Have been putting up purchases and making a list for about a month or two. It is time! 🙂
    BSR recently posted…Now and Then portfolio restructuring updateMy Profile

  9. Dee says:

    #nobuyfriday – thought I was creating a thing but turns out it’s already a thing 🙂

  10. Jena says:

    I will be celebrating “buy nothing day” on Friday.

    Okay, I might stop at the store for a bottle of wine on my way home from work (it’s not a holiday in Canada), but that’s it.
    Jena recently posted…My Mortgage Renewal – Part 2My Profile

  11. StockBeard says:

    Well, I’ll be the one to disagree with the crowd here: I’m a huge black Friday shopper, this is actually one of the only days of the year that I buy stuff. The rest of the year, I patiently write down a list of the stuff I need, and I refrain myself from buying it until I find a good deal on black Friday
    StockBeard recently posted…Can you retire on 1.5 million?My Profile

  12. Ha! I love it. 🙂 I agree though! It’s not necessarily saving money if you have to spend money first.

  13. Mrs. 1500 says:

    I’m such a DIY Dork, I went to Home Depot and bought the Ryobi 6-tool set for $199, plus 4 99-cent poinsettias. I was super excited for that set, and $199 is a steal!

    Mr. 1500 had to debate whether or not we needed it. He said, “Do you think we’ll buy another house?”

    Um, have you met us? Yeah, we’ll buy another house or 12…

  14. Shopping like a maniac online right now. Send help.

  15. Matt says:

    Haha! Didn’t expect that. But that’s what I always do.

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