Interview with Da Coach

Hey everyone, Da Coach interviewed me for his investor/entrepreneur series! And by “Da Coach,” I’m referring to Coach Carson and not Mike Ditka. And I’m sorry for my Chicago slang.

I was born and raised in Chicagoland (more slang) and still talk like a native Chicagoan. I even dress like someone from the region:

I get asked this question frequently when I wear this cap in the Midwest:

Are you a farmer?

Nope. Unless you count my four pathetic tomato plants.

Anyway, I also enjoy the Bears, deep-dish pizza and Portillo’s. Regarding the last one, if you put ketchup on a hot-dog, you’ve committed a cardinal sin, punishable by death if you’re within Chicago city limits. Just don’t do it.

Pequod’s Pizza, the best thing you can put into your mouth

But I digress…


Da Coach

Da Coach (Ditka) and Coach Carson both played football, but that’s where their similarities end. I can’t see Coach Carson throwing a wad of gum at someone, but who knows? Maybe he’ll throw gum at me after reading this nonsense.

But I digress…

Today, I appear on Coach Carson. Click over to check out my interview where you’ll learn about:

  • Why my butt was once redder than a baboon’s*
  • My adventures in real estate
  • Why I’m obsessed with plastic dinosaurs**
  • What I do for fun
  • Why I turned down a multi-million dollar contract from the Chicago Bears***
  • What financial independence means to me
  • My best market timing tip****
  • My favorite real estate deal
  • How the Chicago Bears are going to win the 2018 Superbowl*****

So, what are you still doing here? Click over! Now. Or Da Coach Carson may just hurl a wad of gum your way….

And if you still can’t get enough of me, check out my interview on ESI Money!


*Totally true. Click over to read the titillating details.
**You won’t really learn this
***Even more BS. I have the physique of a 14 year-old boy
****Yes, more nonsense

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12 Responses to Interview with Da Coach

  1. Headed on over now. Can’t wait to read.
    Mustard Seed Money recently posted…How Much Should I Have In My 401(k)?My Profile

  2. Chad Carson says:

    Thanks for sitting in the coach’s hot seat:) You made it out without getting any gum thrown at you!
    Chad Carson recently posted…How a 43-Year-Old Retired With a $1.89 Million Portfolio of Real Estate & StocksMy Profile

  3. Jacq says:

    The pictures of your house have me wondering how the alligator/crocodile pit under the zip-line turned out.

  4. Great read. Thanks for sharing and being open and honest. Your comment, “I’d focus on living. I spent too much time earning money and not enough time enjoying myself.” really hits home with me. I am really trying to not have reaching FI take over my life, but be a part of it.
    FIbythecommonguy recently posted…Incomes: 2 incomes to 1 incomeMy Profile

  5. Mrs. Kiwi says:

    What a classy trucker hat! Great article!
    Mrs. Kiwi recently posted…Not All Friends have to be Frugal FriendsMy Profile

  6. Read the great interview and left a comment there, Carl. One slice of Chicago deep dish = one full thin crust pizza in my book. That just is an example, man, of how much good stuff you pack into each post. Keep up the great work.
    Ten Factorial Rocks recently posted…Pursuit of HappinessMy Profile

    • Yeah, deep dish is intense. I always feel emotionally horrible after eating it (“How many months did I just cut off my life?”), but it doesn’t stop me. Maybe it’s better that I don’t live in Chicago!

  7. Bahaha! Congrats on scoring the interview. 🙂 I used to put ketchup on hot dogs (the shame!) but I’ve since converted to mustard like a normal human being!
    Mrs. Picky Pincher recently posted…Eating Cheap ‘N’ Healthy Without Hating YourselfMy Profile

  8. Todd W says:

    Was a regular at Pequod’s when I lived in Lincoln Park…often recommend that place along with Bacino’s. Nothing quite matches a 5-degree temperature, dinner, and movie (movie theater right next door)

    • Damn, Pequod’s is sooooo damn good. If I ever get super crazy, I’ll have them make like 50 pizzas and then I’ll take them back to Colorado. Hell, I may do that now. Maybe I’m already crazy?

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