Interview with the Mad FIentist

The Mad Fientist and I go far back, all the way to 2013. Don’t judge; that’s an eternity in internet time. We met at a blogging conference in St. Louis where we drank too much beer and stayed up too late (this pattern repeats every time that we meet).

In 2015 the Fientist interviewed Mrs. 1500 and I for his excellent Financial Independence Podcast. The Fientist and I were both terrified (nothing scares Mrs. 1500), but we got through it. Beer helped:


On stage in Charlotte (shout out to Pliny the Elder!)


Last month, the Fientist let me turn the microphone on him. Our podcast timeslot was set for 10:30 in the morning, so unfortunately, Pliny the Elder didn’t make a repeat appearance. Despite the lack of beer motivation, we had a great time:


Note the awesome t-shirts that Brandon and I are sporting!


On the podcast, you’ll learn about:

  • The first time I met the Fientist
  • The Fientist’s favorite romantic movie (Warning: He’s really sensitive deep down and this one is a tear-jerker)
  • How the Fientist packs a suitcase
  • The Mad Fientist’s other secret blog (Hint: It’s about cats and it’s completely adorable!)
  • The Mad Fientist’s first job
  • The Mad Fientist’s biggest disappointment in life (He came thisclose to representing the United States in synchronized swimming at the olympics)
  • Why it is OK to retire and still work

Only some of those bullet points are true (sorry to disappoint cat enthusiasts and synchronized swimming lovers). It is completely true though that the official Mad Fientist shirt is taking the world by storm. Look, even this guy wears one:


What are you still doing here? Now that I have the obligatory meme out of the way, there is nothing more to see. Click over to the Mad Fientist and listen to the podcast. It will be one of the best things that has ever happened to you.


Oh wait, there is one more thing. If you’re in or near Denver, another blogger is forming a new Meetup group:

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6 Responses to Interview with the Mad FIentist

  1. Jacq says:

    I was disappointed , I listened to the whole podcast about an hour ago thought I missed the swimming part, until I saw your disclaimer. 🙂
    Wonderful interview!

  2. Twas a great podcast! Thanks Mr. 1500!

  3. Can’t wait to listen!

  4. A SECRET CAT BLOG??? Oh this is just not fair. I’m never going to have free time again.
    Mrs. Picky Pincher recently posted…Guest Post: Preparing for a Baby, Frugal-styleMy Profile

  5. I really enjoyed you and the Mrs. on his podcast so I’m looking forward to you turning the tables!

    — Jim
    Jim @ Route To Retire recently posted…Budgeting vs. Paying Yourself FirstMy Profile

  6. I am downloading the podcast NOW. Who knew that the Mad Fientist had a secret cat blog. AWESOMENESS!!!
    Mustard Seed Money recently posted…Teaching Kids About MoneyMy Profile

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