Performance Update 39/50: The Price is Wrong

Hey everyone, time for another performance update. And yowsers, the time is a-flyin! First though, thank you for all of your comments earlier this week. There were some pretty great thoughts there. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I’ll have more to say on Monday. In the meantime, thanks for the free therapy!

One other thing which may be of reader interest is that I didn’t tell the Mrs. that I was writing this. She texted me yesterday stating that she read it, but we haven’t had a chance to talk about it yet. I’m currently in Las Vegas with the kids and she’s home in Colorado. We’ll have a big conversation soon…

On with the show!

My main goal is to build a portfolio of $1,120,000 in 1500 days*, starting from 1/1/2013 and ending in February of 2017. Every month, I provide an update on my status. It’s time to take a look at March. First, I must tell you about fancy cars and my P90xing.

I have a confession. I’m not as enlightened as I’d like to be. I still have stupid male urges. Usually, they revolve around things with engines and wheels. At the top of that list is a silly sports car, the Acura NSX. My obsession with this car goes back to my teenage years. Let’s take a little trip down memory lane. Queue the WABAC Machine.


High School Dreams and Facebook Schemes

When I was in high school, the perfect car was introduced to the world. It was the Acura NSX. I loved the philosophy behind the car; fast, lightweight, simple and beautiful. I knew I’d never have one, but it was fun to think about. Here is a picture of one in case you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about:


Cool, huh?


I never forgot about the NSX. In 2012, when facebook IPO’d at $42, I bought 1,000 shares. When the stock subsequently crashed. I had the following conversation with Mrs. 1500:

  • Me: Facebook stock is crashing, but I still believe in the company.
  • Mrs. 1500: Well, if you still believe in it, buy more.
  • Mr. 1500: OK. When it hits $100/share, I’m buying an NSX.
  • Mrs. 1500: Yeah, whatever.

I wasn’t joking about the NSX. I wasn’t joking about Facebook either. I bought another 1,000 shares. My thesis was when CEO Zuck’ turned the monetization screws, the money would start flowing in. That’s exactly what happened.

Here are some of my stock trades to show you that I carried through with the plan. The part I’ve circled is share count and price paid:

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.47.38 AM

Fast forward to today:

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.45.14 AM

Life ain’t bad.

I can make good on my NSX threat and I almost did. A lovely example of one popped up for sale in my backyard. Here it is again:


Automotive perfection

It was a beautiful. It had been well maintained and was almost all stock. I took it for a test drive and it was spectacular. At one point, I saw a fun curve ahead. I downshifted, stomped on the gas and the thing took off. The seller freaked out a little, but it was worth it. I told the owner that I had go home and think on it for a bit. And I did just that.

I soon realized something in me had changed.

Now that I had the money for my silly, silver toy, I didn’t want it quite as much. “Quite as much” is the key phrase here. I still wanted it. I wish I could say I didn’t, but I’m not that well adjusted. However, now that I have the money to have an NSX or just about any other car I desire, it just doesn’t mean as much as it once did.

I didn’t think I’d buy the car, but then the decision was made for me. The next day, I received a text from the seller saying that it sold for full price to a guy in California.

It was at this time that things got goofy. I had this conversation with Mrs. 1500:

  • Me: The NSX is sold. I’m relieved, the decision not to buy it is now easier
  • Mrs. 1500: Oh well.
  • Me: Perhaps we can just get “his and her’s scooters” instead?
  • Mrs. 1500: What the hell are you talking about? Are you drunk?
  • Me: Not drunk. It will be like The Price is Right!
  • Mrs. 1500: The Price is Right? What??? That game show with that old guy, Bob Barker? Is that guy still alive?
  • Me: Yeah, that one! Remember the Showcase Showdown at the end of each show? Two contestants were shown a bunch of crap and they had to guess how much it was worth. The one who was closest won their bunch of crap. One showcase was usually pretty good and the other one sucked. It went something like this:

“Johnny, tell the contestants about their showcases!”

“Well Bob, in Showcase 1, we have a new Corvette, a monthlong trip to Hawaii at the Four Seasons and $25,000 in cash!”

“In Showcase 2, we have a 19″ color TV with remote, a plaid couch, a porcelain dog and “his and her’s scooters! That”s right, you’ll be cruising the neighborhood in style on these blue and pink beauties! The Yamaha Crapmaster tops out at 35mph! Helmets included!”

  • Mrs. 1500: We are NOT getting “his and hers” scooters.

I do no want an NSX anymore**. Well, maybe just a little…

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.32.04 AM


P90x Update

My P90xing didn’t go well in March. The culprit? Sleep. Or lack of it. The workouts are hard as hell. When I’m tired, I don’t have the physical and more importantly, the mental stamina to really push myself. I slept horribly for most of the month, so I didn’t get much out of the workouts.

That doesn’t mean that the exercises aren’t still beneficial. For the first time in 4 years, I weigh under 160. My gut is melting away. In December of 2014, I topped out at 180. That was a bad time.

Warning! Here are the pictures:

P90x 4 standing

P90x 4 chest

P90x 4 back

I have 2 more weeks to go on the current P90x schedule. Upon completion, I’m going to rest for a week and then start up again. Brace yourself for more pictures in future updates. Sorry for that. However, knowing that I have to show my nude torso to the world is incredible motivation. Anyone else want to join me?


Performance Update

And I’m supposed to be talking about money too. This was my best month ever. I started the month off at $1,022,555 and ended at $1,111,360 for a gain of $88,805. Yippee!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 7.40.46 PM

Affiliate link***! Please click here so I can get some more money.

The Stats


  • Days elapsed: 91
  • Days remaining: 275
  • 2016 gains: $53,399 (including 401(k) and some after tax contributions)
  • 2016 401(k) contributions: $25,500**** The front-loading party goes on, but ends in April. I owe the IRS and I’m paying them before I pay Vanguard. Actual freedom (I wouldn’t do well in prison) trumps financial freedom.

Since the start (1/1/2013)

  • Days elapsed: 1185
  • Days remaining: 315
  • Gains since 1/1/2013: $525,317
  • Needed to quit work ($1,120,000 in investments): $8,640 (!!!)
  • Net worth*****: $1,361,360

Clarification on the Goal

Someone asked me if my goal is to get to $1,120,000 at any time or to be at that number at the end of 1500 days. My goal is the former. Unless there is some crazy catastrophe that knocks my portfolio down to $500,000, I’m not worried.

With that said, I’m not going to quit my job the day my portfolio hits the magic number. I’ll fulfill the obligations that I have to my employer and my contract. My job can be stressful, but the people I’ve worked with are great and I owe them a smooth transition.


And one more Thing

On Friday, I came within $545 of hitting my silly goal of $1,120,000. I checked my account aggregation tool, Personal Capital (Warning! I’m trying to make money off you here too through an affiliate link), no fewer than 736 times to see if I had made it. Nope.

I refuse to declare victory before I see my magic number. Don’t count your dollars before they compound!

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 3.57.05 PM

Close, but no retirement.



*My original goal was $1,000,000 and no debt, I later raised the goal by $120,000 to $1,120,000 because I will have debt in the form of a mortgage which I firmly believe in not paying it off. My compromise is to have enough money put away to cover the mortgage at the time of retirement. So, to retire today, I would need about $1,120,000.

**Of course, I am completely silly for writing about marriage woes on Monday and then telling you about how I looked at a $39,000 toy. Bad priorities, right? Really bad. I know, I know.

I did look at the toy about a month ago, before I was thinking about my relationship (or lack of it). And like I said, the silly toy is an artifact of silly teenage desires. I don’t think I would have ever seriously considered purchasing the car, but my brain is still comforted knowing that I have the option. MMM once said that the time to buy a silly toy is after you’re FI and the purchase won’t matter. I agree with that.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.18.05 AM

***This is an affiliate link. If you sign up, the blog (me) makes some cold, hard cash. Personal Capital is a totally free and awesome way to keep watch over your investments. It’s worth it for the fee analyzer alone. I would never recommend anything that I don’t personally use and completely believe in, so give it a try. If you’ve already signed up through the link, please know that I think you are a superior mammal.

****My 401(k) contributions include my own, Mrs. 15oo’s, and the contributions from my corporation. Self-employment with a solo 401(k) is a very powerful savings tool. I should have done this years ago.

*****The numbers on the right side of the page only reflect my investments and cash. Net worth includes, but is not limited to:

  • Home equity
  • Cars
  • Bicycles
  • My house: I know, I already said this in the first bullet point, so I’m totally cheating (creative juices are on empty at the moment). But something interesting is happening where we live. We bought our little, ugly house for the sum of about $175,000 in June of 2013 and the market was already hot back then. Many houses received multiple offers the same day that they came on the market. It was nuts. Since then, two things have happened:
    • We turned our ugly little 2 bed, 1 bath home into a 4 bed, 3 bath through a small addition and modifying the floor-plan. We also remodeled the existing bathroom and kitchen, replaced the windows, siding, upgraded the electric, redid the plumbing and landscaped the yard. Three years and $75,000 later, it is a completely different home.
    • Our real estate market is far crazier. There are loads of good, high-paying, jobs close (Google is hiring thousands for a new office) which has pushed the housing market into full, DEFCON 2 mode. One house on our street had 16 offers in 2 days. Another one that sits a couple doors down sold for over $500,000, the first time this has ever happened on the street.
  • This is a long winded way of telling you that I believe that our home is worth more than I’ve been accounting for. In these performance, updates, I’ve been pegging the value at $350,000. I’m pretty sure that we could get close to $400,000 for it though. We’ll have a better idea when we have it appraised for a line of credit later this year.

Before and after, but not quite done yet either.

Hello house, bye-bye cash

$75,000 and many, many hours later

Join the 10s who have signed up already!

Subscribing will improve your life in incredible ways*.

*Only if your life is pretty bad to begin with.

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68 Responses to Performance Update 39/50: The Price is Wrong

  1. Wow, excellent progress!

    The best part of this post for me was the philosoraptor picture.

    Great job on the P90x so far. It is great to see you stick with it. When I’m feeling tired on a work out or during cardio, I always think about something Mark Allen (famous triathlete said), “If you’re at 60%, then focus all your energy on getting 100% out of your 60%.”

    FB is impressive! My only individual stock purchase (5% of my portfolio is not in index funds) to date is Tesla and I WISH I had purchased more back at my entry of 119. Way to stick with the courage of your convictions.
    Distilled Dollar recently posted…My Latest Frugal Hobby: PhotographyMy Profile

    • 1500 says:

      Thanks Distilled!

      Man, the P90x is not easy. I catch myself making excuses not to do the workout and then have to slap myself.

      The Mark Allen quote is good, but with weight workouts, unless you’re near the limit, you’re not going to get much out of it.

      The problem is that I’ve been so busy with work. If I wake up at 5am, I start immediately thinking about work and there is no going back to sleep…

  2. Linda says:

    Great job on the house! It looks completely different. And you only spent $75,000 on the remodel? That’s really impressive.
    And how long have you been doing the P90X? You can really see the difference in the pictures. I might have to try out those videos!
    Linda recently posted…My Personal Finance ReviewMy Profile

    • 1500 says:

      Thanks Linda! I only spent 75K because I did most of it myself. If I paid others, it would have been 2x that much.

      I started the p90x in January. It’s a great program, but not easy. Get the DVDs used on eBay or Craigslist.

  3. Great stuff Mr. 1500. Soooo close! Great job on the house too. I’d love to start doing P90X but when you’re on the road 75%+ time and have little to no space it gets difficult. So I opt for my trusty kettle bell/bodyweight and run/walk. It’s done good so far and I’ve lost about 17 lbs since mid Jan. Not sure about doing my own pics though!
    JC @ Passive-Income-Pursuit recently posted…Time To Just Collect Your AT&T Inc. DividendsMy Profile

    • 1500 says:

      Kettle bells! I’ve been wanting to try that too. Send me some links on how to get started!

  4. Mr. CF says:

    Cool, you are almost to your (arbitrary) goal, pretty sweet! Love that you do have a good work ethic and want to finish your contract off properly (says a lot about your personality).

    As for the car, I’m almost surprised that you did not order a Model 3? Or did you?? Thou the NSX would have been very nice indeed, but a bad “investment” none the less.

    By the way, still pretty good progress on the P90X, is Mrs 1500 already missing the “love handles”? 😉
    Mr. CF recently posted…March 2016 Dividend UpdateMy Profile

    • 1500 says:

      Love handles! Ha! I still have mini ones.

      I’ve been toying with putting 1000$ down for the Tesla. I’d have done it if it was transferable, but it’s not. I still might do it since I could get a refund if I chose not to buy it.

  5. Go on Mr 1500. Tell them about the time we grabbed a beer, and you brought a Car Fax packet about that NSX. Except you dropped it when you went to fill your growler. I’m sitting there drinking my beer, and some yahoo next to me screams somethign along the lines of …… “Car Fax……who the hell brings Car Fax forms to a bar.” I smile knowingly. That’s my buddy 🙂 Hope Vegas is going well!
    Income Surfer recently posted…Struggles on the RoadMy Profile

    • 1500 says:

      Ha ha, that was it! Maybe it was a sign right there that I should abandon my NSX dreams. I should have left the CarFax, but I had all the notes from our conversation on it!

  6. Great job on P90x! I put down a $1,000 deposit on a Model 3, so I hear ya bro. I still have two years to convince myself not to go through with it though. But if I some how hi the double comma club in 2 years (7 years early), I’m definitely going for it 🙂
    Fervent Finance recently posted…I Have Lost My Damn MindMy Profile

    • 1500 says:

      Ha, your tempting me to put a deposit down too! There isn’t much risk, right? You can just get your money back when you decide you don’t want it…

  7. Mattattack says:

    I remember when you tweeted about getting close to your goal and stating:
    “Don’t count your dollars before they compound!”

    Great line. You should write one liners for the movies. That’s a real profession write? I can see your business card now.
    Mr. 1500
    One Liner Writer
    Mattattack recently posted…2016 1st Quarter ReviewMy Profile

  8. It’s hard to let go of money.
    SavvyFinancialLatina recently posted…Corporate FogMy Profile

  9. Wow, FB is over $100! Man, I was going to buy it at it’s low point around $18…damn it! I stick with index funds but there are times I kick myself for not pulling the trigger on certain stocks. Although I also far more often breathe a sigh of relief that I didn’t buy some dog of a stock that I thought would do well! I’ve heard great things about P90x but my neighbor downstairs wouldn’t like it…she’s already complaining about the toddler making noise running and jumping around. Oh and I used to love The Price is Right…although I never know the price of any of those items. I’m a bargain hunter…I don’t pay full price =)

    • 1500 says:

      Facebook was very speculative and dangerous. It has a sky-high valuation, so has big shoes to fill.

      I only buy index funds these days too.

  10. Dude! You are freaking killing it with P90X.

    You have inspired me after taking a year off and 4 consecutive years of P90X, I am going to start a new round during the first week of June. Have to finish up my plans for a few things I am working on.

    I might even share some real photos with the cartoon head 🙂

    If you stay exactly where you are I only need to grow my net worth by 3.7X to catch up. Can you wait for me?

    Gen Y Finance Guy recently posted…March 2016 – Detailed Financial Report #15 – Net Worth $368,985 [+16.1% for 2016 YTD]My Profile

    • 1500 says:

      Dude, you were supposed to lay off the P90x until I caught up with you!

      And no, since you didn’t wait for me with P90x, I’m going to start living on beans and rice just so I can stay ahead of you financially for as long as possible.


  11. You’re killing it. The workouts, the investments and your dreams to own a car. 🙂 Why not just go with a pair of his and hers razor scooters?

    House looks amazing. Great before and after photos. Good stuff.
    Brian @ debt discipline recently posted…Net Worth Update: March 2016My Profile

  12. BeSmartRich says:

    Go get NSX and great job with Facebook. Wow you even bought it when it was less than $20. I remember I laughed with my coworker in 2012 while stock was crashing and guess who is laughing now? 🙂 Great job!

  13. Kyle says:

    Does the water bottle come with? The Acura/Honda NSX wasn’t a very popular supercar, my friend’s neighbor has one and Rowan Atkinson(Mr. Bean) has/had one. Toyota Supra was probably my dream car. Or Stingray Corvette, which is much more easily attainable, but since I’ve driven one I don’t think I want one.

    “The price is wrong, bitch” – Happy Gilmore
    Kyle recently posted…Deep in Thought: How We Relate to PeopleMy Profile

    • 1500 says:

      The Supra was a great car! Those things are going to big money these days! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen unmolested turbo ones go for over 100K. Who would have known?

  14. Tawcan says:

    Great progress, I wish I had the insight to buy Facebook back then, I just didn’t understand their business model to see the potentials. Good for you for purchasing more share when the price went down.

    Looks like P90X worked out very well for you, getting in better shape will go a long way for you. The house is looking nice too.
    Tawcan recently posted…Dividend Income – March 2016 UpdateMy Profile

    • 1500 says:

      You should never buy an investment you don’t understand. I had studied the company for years before I dropped a dime on it.

      It is still very risky and speculative. After all, look what happened to MySpace…

  15. Eric Bowlin says:

    Almost there!

    I know some people completed addicted to p90x. One guy actually brought it to Tajikistan with us to do his two workouts a day. Not sure who wants to exercise in such a smoggy place…but whatever.

  16. Jason says:

    Bravo Mr. 1500. But you should check out some of the scooters these days some of them can be pretty sweet. Maybe instead you could get a motorcycle with a side car or those motorcycles with 3 wheels. I do have a question for you. Now you say you will finish your obligations. Will those obligations take you for the full 1500 days, which might lead you to pad the savings or are you determined to finish the obligations and at the end if you hit your goal you are done?

    Bravo again!
    Jason recently posted…Financial Literacy Month ChallengeMy Profile

    • 1500 says:

      Thanks Jason!

      My current contract runs through the end of the year, so yeah, I’ll be piling it on a little if the market holds. We are at high valuations now, so a correction down to the mean will happen:

  17. Robert Marble says:

    Well done.

    If I am seeing this right, you have almost 10% of your holdings in one stock (a tech stock at that). That seems very, very risky to me. Have you thought about that?

    • 1500 says:

      Yeah, it is actually close to 20% in facebook. I have over 10% in Apple. I’m not thrilled about either, but also less than happy about a massive capital gains tax bill. I am slowly rebalancing. I sold 100 shares of Facebook and 100 shares of Apple earlier this year.

      • Robert Marble says:

        You are going to take the capital gains taxes now or when you are done in a short time. I am a big fan of tax loss harvesting to offset some of those issues so may consider moving money to Betterment so that they can tax loss harvest to offset the gains.

        Way too much risk for someone about to hang it up in my humble opinion.

  18. Mrs PoP says:

    So close! But you and Mr PoP definitely need to talk NSXs when we’re in omaha… I may or may not be trying to talk him into getting one and owning it for a couple of years before turning it into something shaped more like a boat!
    Mrs PoP recently posted…PoP Balance Sheet – March 2016My Profile

  19. Mr. SSC says:

    So close to your number, that’s awesome, Congrats! Same with the Facebook stock, nice pick there. I only dabble in stock purchases with my allowance, so no major wins or losses, however….
    The 2 exceptions are Transocean (offshore drilling company) I got them right before BP blew up one of their rigs and sank it in the Gulf of Mexico causing the biggest oil spill to date in America… Bye-bye value! They still haven’t recovered. I also got some shares of SeaDrill (another offshore drilling company) and 6 months later they were charged with fraud for misreporting their profit so they wouldn’t have to pay out as much in dividends. I think the takeaway is don’t invest in offshore drilling companies, lol.
    Mr. SSC recently posted…March 2016: Our money went where?My Profile

    • 1500 says:

      Ha ha, another takeaway could be to just stick to index funds which is what I do these days. Slow and safe wins the money race!

  20. Keep after it on the exercise! I’m down 35 pounds and really struggling to lose some much needed extra. Plan to ramp up the burpee count and cut back on “Vitamin A” to get back on track.

  21. TheMoneyMine says:

    An 88k$ gain in a month sounds insane!
    That also mean you should get the missing 8k$ relatively quickly.
    I have maybe a silly question :
    If your portfolio reached the 1.1m$ and then lost 20-30%, would you first retire and then get back to work? Is there a range you’ve considered Ok to retire in?
    Not that I’m there yet, but wondering how you’d approach it.
    TheMoneyMine recently posted…Challenge Yourself. Do Something HardMy Profile

    • 1500 says:

      Yeah, it was a great month! Or maybe a bad month if you’re wishing markets were low since you’re still in buying mode…

      “If your portfolio reached the 1.1m$ and then lost 20-30%, would you first retire and then get back to work? Is there a range you’ve considered Ok to retire in?
      Not that I’m there yet, but wondering how you’d approach it.”

      If there was a crazy correction, I’d stay at my job. I’m not sure what that number would have to be though. I have a big insurance policy at the moment in that my wife has a job which can support us. I also have backup plans for my backup plans, so I’m not too worried.

      One thing I don’t want to do is go back to full-time work ever again. If I was really worried, maybe I’d drive for Uber or rent a room with Airbnb until things got back to normal.

  22. SpacemanFry says:

    We all have our “vices”. I’ve never been a big car guy, but on the other hand one of my dreams after FI is to build an airplane. Always wanted to own a small plane (I have a PPL) and building one I get to own one and have the knowledge of how to repair it and service it myself. Don’t know if the NSX is a similar thing for you but if it is I wouldn’t dismiss it off the bat.

    BTW, your home improvement skills are impressive. If you ever feel the desire to do a couple articles about your home renovation I bet everyone would love them (I know I would). Major house renovations (additions etc) are one thing I’m “scared” of undertaking. I feel like it would either turn into a black hole for time, if I do a lot of it myself, or money if I don’t.

    • 1500 says:

      Building a plane would be awesome! If you’re local, I’d love to help and see the process. I’d do the same if plane ownership weren’t so expensive. Maybe if I make it to $2,000,000…

      Yeah, I’ve thought about writing some more home renovation posts. I have done some in the past, but never “how-tos” if that is what you meant.

      And yeah, these projects can consume your life. If you have kids and no family near to help watch them, I’d steer clear of a major project. I could have had my current one done in under 6 months without kids. I’m going on 3 years now…


      • SpacemanFry says:

        I’m not local (in NJ) but I have 0 intention of staying here after FI, so you never know, I may move to your neighborhood in another 5 years or so 🙂

        I don’t mean “how-tos” for renovation posts, but more of a lessons learned. For example I’m curious how you handled the addition to the house. Did you do that yourself or did you get help?

        Problem I have right now is that 1) I have a very demanding job that leaves me pretty drained by the end of the week and 2) my wife (and the animals) *hates* it when the house is a construction zone. So this discourages me from starting something I can’t finish in 1-2 days.

        • 1500 says:

          Come on down to Colorado! It’s lovely here and there are little airports all over the place. We’d love to give you a tour. And, I really would love to help build a plane. Some other dude I met at an MMM meetup is doing the same in Fort Collins.

          No one likes living in a construction zone. It totally sucks. But, on the level of suckiness, the money you save and the not having to deal with contractors makes it worthwhile. If you are FI, you can charge through projects with lightning speed too. I almost completely finished my kitchen in a week. I gutted a bathroom down to the studs and just about got that done in a week as well. In my case, I took time off and that sucked, but it was worth it to get through the project since we’re living in the house.

          Also, I paid carpenters to frame out the addition. I did all of the finishing work like flooring, trim. I also did all of the plumbing and electrical.

          A “lessons learned” post is a good one though and I’ll make it happen when done around June.

  23. Happens to everyone, believe me. I bought a Corvette the first year out of college and scoring my first job. Yeah, I was that guy. But even worse, I sunk another $25 grand into it. Damn, dude. 😉
    Steve @ Think Save Retire recently posted…We’re Airstreamers, but don’t call us trailer trash!My Profile

    • 1500 says:

      I remember your Corvette! Perhaps I should lay off the NSX dreams and just live vicariously through “old you?”

      An Airstream sounds so much better than a sports car anyway…

  24. amber tree says:

    Almost there… It will happen soon. Any party planned when you see it popping up?

    The P90X looks to be a great thing to do! I should look into that.

    • 1500 says:

      Ha ha, it would have to be a party of 2 or 3 because no one in my local circle knows anything! Want to come over the pond?? 🙂

  25. Hi Mr. 1500. Good job resisting a new toy!

    I propose that after 1500 days you amend your goal to be 1,120,00 during a recession. It’s one thing to see stock market gains in the middle of a bull market, but another thing to achieve your goals in the middle of a recession.

    That’s the real test, right? Maintain financial independence during a recession. After all, there were tons of ‘millionaires on paper’ during the height of the housing boom. Many of them couldn’t really hold onto it.

    I’m not suggesting you’re over-leveraged, but I’m the kind of guy that always tries to “think forward”. Of course, others have accused me of being too conservative too!
    Mr. Tako @ Mr. Tako Escapes recently posted…Visiting Hawaii On The Cheap: Part 2My Profile

    • 1500 says:

      Yeah, this is something I think about frequently! I’d rather quit work during a recession than now, when valuations are sky high (

      I don’t think it matters a whole lot though either. If I quit today, I’d stay very close to 4% spending. However, if a recession popped up and kicked my portfolio down to $800,000 (and I think this is likely to happen), I’d probably be safe with a 5% spend level.

      My solution to all of this is to have at least 2 years spending in cash. As much as I don’t like losing money to inflation, the cash will help me ride out a bad time.

      I was reading a Kitces article recently where he said the first 10 years of retirement are critical. In other words, if the first 10 years go well, you’re likely to be successful from then on out. With that in mind, I’ll be very flexible for the first 10 years.

      As long as the wife is working, none of it is an issue since she makes enough to support us. However, is retirement the same without the spouse? I don’t think so!

  26. Woah your back is ripped!! 😉

    I did p90x years ago for 1 month and saw amazing results but it was way too hard to stick with it. You should try T25. Its the same guy (Shawn T) but its only 25 minutes long. It is very effective as well.

    Congrats on the net worth increase and the house looks awesome!
    Alexander @ Cash Flow Diaries recently posted…Blog Income Report and Traffic Stats – March 2016My Profile

    • 1500 says:

      Man, P90x is hard to stick with. The time commitment is bad enough, but the workouts are brutal too! I’ll look into T25 after I’m done with the next round of P90x.

  27. Congrats on the fitness goals! My fiance is a fitness professional but I don’t work out nearly as much as I should. What’s early retirement if you don’t have the health to enjoy it! I hope I kick myself in the butt this year.
    Re: Car My dream car is actually the Tesla but I just sold our Subaru so that we’re down to being a one-car family – and it felt good! 🙂 No registration or insurance to worry about any longer.
    Also, gotta love that Colorado real estate! We bought in the Springs which unfortunately hasn’t appreciated as much as Denver Metro but still pretty good. Planning on selling this month.
    Good luck with everything!
    MB @ Millennial Boss recently posted…How to Manage a Large TeamMy Profile

    • 1500 says:

      “What’s early retirement if you don’t have the health to enjoy it!”

      Exactly! If you don’t have your health, nothing really matters!

      Teslas are great! I got to drive one a couple years ago and it was fantastic!

      Real estate is just nuts around here. Great place to be!

  28. Sebastian says:

    Hi, great story. Realy. Im on the same way then you. But the way is still long. But I dont give up 🙂

    Have a nice time
    Sebastian from Germany

    • 1500 says:

      Thanks Sebastian and hello Germany! My road looked very long just 5 years ago. You’ll be amazed at how fast that snowball grows once you get it moving.

  29. So do you have a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge? looks like you are going to need it soon!
    Great comment re honouring your contract and respecting your colleagues.

  30. Mark Alexis says:

    I’ve enjoyed binge reading your whole blog this last week. You and family are amazing and I’m past impressed with how much you get done, but I find myself wishing you would put more of that energy into the transition to freedom. You are way past critical mass. If you told your job tomorrow that you want to quit you would still earn way more than enough to assure success while you responsibly transitioned out of the job. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you could end up with a minimal time commitment contractor gig for as long as you want one. Even if the job went away tomorrow, your wife’s income will put you over the top. Even without your wife’s income you are really. at your goal already- your mortgage debt must have gone down over the last couple of years? Even if your nest egg drops, the chance that you will never earn income again is pretty much zero. You have won the race.

    I understand some of the emotions. I’ve taken the last few years off (with a lot less financial sureness than you have) and its hard to accept that we’ll be fine and to let go my self-identity as my job, but I’m more and more at peace with myself and I like who I am. Accept that it will take work to make the transition and embrace that as your new challenge.

    • 1500 says:

      You are totally right on all counts! Do you do counseling? 🙂

      My contract is up at the end of the year and while I may consider very part-time hours, there is no way I’m doing the same thing that I do now.

      The emotions are hard now. I worked my way up to a solid job with great pay. It is difficult to just toss it all away, but I know deep down that more money won’t make me happier, so what is the point?

      I’m coming around. Very slowly…

  31. Jay says:

    Hi Mr. 1500,

    Really like the blog. Can you please tell me which organization you use to purchase your individual stocks?


  32. SimpleRyan says:

    Hey Mr.1500…
    I came across your blog through your CNBC article, and I can’t stop reading! I’m absolutely hooked.

    First off – awesome progress on your health man! I truly believe our health should be our top priority, because without it, it makes it really difficult to accomplish anything else in life.

    I’ve been working out consistently now for 22 years, and I can honestly say – the days when I get in some form of exercise, I always feel 100% better as opposed to days when I don’t

    The key is this – doing something is ALWAYS better than doing nothing.

    So I always start my mornings off doing a quick 10-15min workout. And if I don’t have time for that – then I always do a set of pushups before I jump in the shower. It takes me all of 1 minute to do a set of pushups and I can do that even if I’m traveling, so there’s no excuse. I made my health a priority and it’s a non-negotiable for me.

    Secondly – your dream car. When it comes to decisions like this – I use what Jeff Bezos calls Regret Minimization Framework

    when he was deciding whether or not to start Amazon, he projected his life out to when he was 80 and asked himself “would I regret not trying to do this?”
    The answer was Yes…so he went ahead and did it.

    I have a friend who always wanted an F150 Truck…but never got it. Then, we was diagnosed with cancer. And while he was laying in the hospital bed, he kept saying how he regretted not getting the Truck when he could really enjoy it. His wife ended up getting it for him before he passed away – but he never got to really enjoy it the way he wanted. He wasn’t even 40 when he passed away.

    So the way I look at decisions like this in the framework of being financially responsible is:
    If you have the money saved up to pay for it in cash and you can afford to do it, and it’s something you’ve always wanted to do – then do it.

    Because you don’t know when your life will end, so enjoy it now while you’re alive. We all plan to live a long life, but the truth is – we can’t predict if we’ll live to see tomorrow or not.

    So if the NSX is something that you’ve wanted from high school..and it’s still on your mind to this day – it sounds like to me it’s clearly something you’ve really really wanted. I don’t know if you’ll regret NOT getting it later on – only you can determine that…but if it is…then I would say go get it.

    I’m currently saving up for a BMW M3 – and I plan on getting it for the exact same reasons.

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