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How I Invest in Real Estate without the Hassle

I love investing in real estate. In the past, I’ve flipped homes and owned rentals. In the most dramatic example of the former, I flipped a fancy lakefront home: My current home is nothing to sneeze at either: However, I haven’t been very successful … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Investment Account for Entrepreneurs

I recently wrote a post for InvestmentZen that contains useful, actionable information (a rarity for me!) It’s about self-directed solo 401(k)s, an incredibly useful investing account. Read why I opened this account below or click over to InvestmentZen to get … Continue reading

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I Love Owning a Home

Loads of folks hate home ownership lately. I’m not one of them. Under certain circumstances, a home can be both a place to live and an investment. And I should know; I built the core of my nest egg with live-in … Continue reading

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Redefining Wealth

I googled wealth the other morning and nearly spit out my cereal when I read the definition: This especially annoys me: an abundance of valuable possessions or money At its core. Financial Independence means having enough money to not have to … Continue reading

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10 Questions with InvestmentZen

Today is the 49th edition of our periodic guest post series called 10 Questions. We have a list of 17 questions we pose to fellow financial bloggers, and they are free to pick and choose 10 or answer all of them. Let us know if you … Continue reading

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Buffett’s Beautiful Berky Blurbs

I love Warren Buffett. All of the following are true: He is worth $66 billion. In 2018, he’ll be appearing in a movie; “Superman versus Buffett.” Rumor has it that Charlie Munger is in negotiations to play Robin. Buffett is … Continue reading

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Hey you Mr. Debt, stop looking at my Wife’s Butt!

I’ll be the first one to tell you that debt is evil and bad. It will: keep you awake at night with worry possibly hurt your credit score encourage you to call your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend after drinking one too many hit … Continue reading

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Anti-Rant (again!): Money Buys Happiness

Hey look, two anti-rants in two days. I must be on happy pills or something! Nope, I’m just on FIER*. Everyone has heard self-righteous people say this: Money can’t buy happiness. That is nonsense; money does buy happiness, just not in … Continue reading

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The 5 Stocks You Must Buy NOW!

A couple people have asked me what happened to the Thursday Rant. It isn’t gone! Tune in next week. Or maybe not; this is sort of a rant… How did you like that title? Pathetic, swarmy clickbait, right? Absolutely. I … Continue reading

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The Day I got a 401(k) Tattoo on my…

As if you couldn’t tell from the title, I’m a big fan of 401(k)s. Contributing to a 401(k) should come before all other investments for most. A 401(k) cuts the tax bill and allows for money to grow tax free. Many employers … Continue reading

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