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Vacation Update 4: Sleep, Sheep, Covfefe

We’re back from vacation now, but I have one last travel update. Ask the Readers returns next week. Mrs. 1500 and I spent the last part of our vacation visiting with the Mad Fientist and his wife, the Mad Fientista. We spent … Continue reading

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Friday Gratitude: Frugal Travel with Friends (and The Jim Collins Lounge Lizard Tour!)

The best (and most unexpected) part of blogging is all of the great friends that we’ve made from interesting parts of the world. Some are fellow bloggers while others are just nice people I’ve run into at meetups or chatted with … Continue reading

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Ask the Readers: Do You Combine Finances With Your Spouse/Partner?

Hi there, Mrs. 1500 asking yet another question this week. I want to know if you combine your finances with your spouse or partner. But first, let’s look at what you said last week, when I asked you What’s the … Continue reading

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Ask the Readers: What’s the Cheapest Thing You’ve Ever Done?

Hi there, Mrs. 1500 asking the question today. Brace yourselves readers: Before I tell you about Mr. 1500’s fancy dinner plans, he needs to recap last week’s answers, when we asked you to Tell us about your amazing 2017 plans! He also … Continue reading

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We’re on the Mad Fientist and Shop My Closet Podcasts!

Hello Mad Fientist! Please join me for a short journey in the Wayback Machine. The year was 2013. 1500 Days was less than a year old and since I was enjoying writing for the blog, I figured that it would be … Continue reading

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10 Questions with the Mad FIentist

Today is the 26th edition of our periodic guest post series called 10 Questions and a Pizza Place. (The 1500′s are pizza fanatics.) We have a list of 17 questions we pose to fellow financial bloggers, and they are free to … Continue reading

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Blogs I Dig: The Mad Fientist

I’m a born skeptic. I question everything and always have. Even as a young child, I remember people trying to indoctrinate me into their beliefs and my brain would question and then usually reject them. Now that I’m older, I’m as … Continue reading

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