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Portfolio Update: Dinoriffic Investing Advice

This blog is supposed to be about money, but I haven’t shared my portfolio since the end of 2015. Today, I lay it all out for you.   Before we get to the juicy details, note the following: My portfolio … Continue reading

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My Portfolio: Production from Disruption

I rarely share my portfolio. It’s mostly because I don’t want anyone to follow my ideas which probably aren’t healthy for the long term. I used to be a stock-picker and I still own a lot of them, but new … Continue reading

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The Asset Class Battle: Update #2 (My Callipygous Portfolio)

I haven’t written about the Asset Class Battle in a while. The last update I wrote was all the way back in June. With all of this talk about allocation on the blog lately, now is a good time for … Continue reading

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1500 Portfolio, Part 2: Rare Leadership

Last week, I started telling you how some insights led me to purchase three stocks that have done really well. Today, I tell you about another strategy I have. Again, this is not advice. This is just me being transparent … Continue reading

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1500 Portfolio, Part 1: Rare Insights

Today, I start telling you about my portfolio. I’m going to do it in three parts: Part One, Rare Insights: This is today. I’ll tell you about my three biggest stock holdings in detail. Once in a while, I think I … Continue reading

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Performance Update 5 of 50: May!

My main goal is to build a portfolio of $1,000,000 in 1500 days, starting from 1/1/2013. Every month, I provide an update on my status. My goal for 2013 is to get my portfolio up to $672,750, from a starting point of $586,043. … Continue reading

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