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Rant: ???

I’ve largely given up on my ranting. It’s a side-effect of trying to live a more positive life. However, sometimes I just can’t help myself… Exposed! We were mostly anonymous until we received some press last year. After that, our … Continue reading

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Rant: Horrible Gifts

I’ve been trying to cut down on the ranting, but sometimes, I can’t help myself. Today, I present you with the worst gift ideas that I could dredge up from the bowels of the internet. This post contains NO affiliate links! … Continue reading

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1500 Days: Bringing out the Worst in People since 2013!

My buddy Jim wrote a post last Tuesday about trolls. He was inspired by an article about us that went viral and showed up on Yahoo!. Like every other personal finance success story, the trolls came out in force. No bother, … Continue reading

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Random Rant: Normal Sucks

Hate Mail! I started blogging over 3 years ago to document my journey to financial independence/early retirement. I thought it would be fun to hold myself publicly accountable and at the same time, share my adventure with others. With a strong market … Continue reading

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Thursday Rant: I suck

I spend more than enough time tearing others a new one. However, I really criticize myself more than anyone else. I spend way too much time reflecting on my own faults, bad decisions and shortcomings. Time for a self-therapy session. … Continue reading

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Thursday Rant: Quick Hits, Travel Edition

I’ve been all serious lately, talking about Retirement gone Wrong again and again. Time to lighten things up a bit with some fun ranting! If you ever pass through the Denver Airport, keep your eyes open. I was at the … Continue reading

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Thursday Rant: We live in Butt Crack City

Hi there, Mrs. 1500 ranting today against a rather pervasive problem in my life right now. You may know it as Plumber’s Butt if you are from the United States, Canada or Australia. You have heard it called Builder’s Bum … Continue reading

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Thursday Rant: I want Smarties Cereal!

I was walking through the cereal aisle a while ago and happened to notice a box of Wheaties with Michael Phelps on the front and it got me thinking. In the US, we love our athletes. They are on all sorts … Continue reading

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Thursday Rant: The $260 Lunch Bag; Has Society gone Mad?!?

I took a miserable flight on Southwest recently. I fly all the time on SWA and have never forgotten to check in to the flight exactly 24 hours ahead of time. This time, I forgot. My cell phone was in … Continue reading

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Thursday Rant: “Do caterpillars fart?”

You may think this blog is about money, but it’s not. It’s really about time. I don’t want money to buy fancy clothes or cars or gold iPhone cases. I want money to buy time! Once I have enough dollars … Continue reading

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