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Thursday Rant: 6 Phrases that will Doom Your Finances

I’ve been happier lately, so I’ve laid off the ranting. This doesn’t mean that I can’t still get angry every once in a while… How often do you hear nonsense disguised as wisdom that makes you want to run for the exit? … Continue reading

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Thursday Rant: Burritos, Bankruptcy and Living in Boxes

Recently we were on Yahoo!. Not once, but twice. That’s Mrs. 1500 and I down there: This was by far, the biggest exposure this little blog has ever had: This led to: Me freaking out: Seeing your own face on the … Continue reading

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The Ultimate 1500 Days Holiday Shopping Guide!

Hello Consumers! Good news; Black Friday is almost here! For those who don’t live in America, here is what happens on this glorious day of shopping and mindless consumerism: Wake up at 2am and drive to the local big-box store. Stand … Continue reading

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Thursday Rant: Advice for when you Hate your Wife

First of all, I do not hate my wife. By some miracle, I found a spouse who is supportive, shares my goals and puts up with my nuttiness. This is a gift. Recently though, a friend forwarded me an article that … Continue reading

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Thursday Rant: The Multi-Million Dollar Masturbatory Cake

I’m incredibly happy with my life and it’s all because our family has found the right balance. We take nice vacations, eat good food and fool around with expensive gadgets like electric bicycles. However we also live in a modest home, drive old … Continue reading

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Thursday Rant: 1500 Household Junk Mail Edition

On rare days, it’s difficult for me to write – the ideas show up in my head faster than I can write them down. However, the inspiration for today’s post showed up in my mailbox; no brainpower required! Sometimes, this job is just … Continue reading

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Thursday Guest Rant: Points Program Pain with the Debt Free Guys

Today, I feature a guest rant from my friend David over at the Debt Free Guys. Have you ever tried to use airline points only to find that it’s completely impossible? I thought so… United and Visa Team Up to Become … Continue reading

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Thursday Rant: One Week is Weak

I had an amazing and disturbing thought the other day. First, I must give you some background. Work, work and work As long as I can remember, I’ve always worked and worked hard. Before I was 14, I mowed lawns, … Continue reading

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Thursday Rant: Hate Mail Edition! (How do you like my Apple?)

If your blog is read by more than five people, eventually you’ll receive hate mail and vulgar comments. I’m no exception. I have received emails from disturbed folks encouraging me to: Go *f&? myself. No thanks. Go*f&? <redacted>. No thanks to that either … Continue reading

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Thursday Rant: The financial media sheep rebleat, rebleat, rebleat.

I have no time lately, so I wasn’t going to post today. My full time job is keeping me very busy. So is the bathroom remodel. And wow, Mrs. 1500 just started a sweet gig*. Life is good, really good. … Continue reading

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