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Troll Control

I’m writing on InvestmentZen today. Click over to read about the different phases of personal finance. Or, read about my battles with trolls first. You know when a post is popular because the haters come out of the swamps. This happened … Continue reading

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1500 Days: Bringing out the Worst in People since 2013!

My buddy Jim wrote a post last Tuesday about trolls. He was inspired by an article about us that went viral and showed up on Yahoo!. Like every other personal finance success story, the trolls came out in force. No bother, … Continue reading

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Thursday Rant: Hate Mail Edition! (How do you like my Apple?)

If your blog is read by more than five people, eventually you’ll receive hate mail and vulgar comments. I’m no exception. I have received emails from disturbed folks encouraging me to: Go *f&? myself. No thanks. Go*f&? <redacted>. No thanks to that either … Continue reading

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