Vacation Update 2: Verdant, Voluptuous, Vibrant Vermont

I’m on vacation, but I can’t quite stay away from the blog, so I’ll regale you with vacation pictures and tales from the road.

This will make sense in a moment.

We spent our first six days of vacation in Maine and it was spectacular. After the Lobster State (I just made that up), it was time to move on to Vermont. We had a couple stops to make on the way.

Acadia was beautiful:

I love Stephen King and I knew that I’d be passing through his hometown. Mr.King wanted to meet with me to get some writing tips*, but I explained that I didn’t have time for him. I promised King that I’d meet him for lunch next time around:

Stephen King’s home

Frugalsaurus is a King fan too, but took his love of the horror genre a little too far. Spendosaurus wasted money on a stupid souvenir and Frugalsaurus lost it:

Luckily, I intervened before Spendosaurus lost his head.



This was my first time to Vermont and I had big expectations. But first, I have to tell you how I ended up there.

When new bloggers comment on 1500 Days, I usually spend some time checking out their site. This happened back in May of 2014 with someone named Mrs. Frugalwoods. I clicked over to this post and was blown away with what I read and saw. Mrs. Frugalwoods was a top-notch writer and her photos were great. I knew her blog was going to be big and today, Frugalwoods is one of the top financial independence blogs.

I met Mrs. and Mr. Frugalwoods at a conference a short time later. I was thrilled that they were the exact same people I pictured in my mind’s eye. We all agreed to meet if we ended up in each others’ part of the country.

Now, back to rest of the story.

Vermontuous Adventures

One of my favorite places in the world is the countryside west of Madison in Wisconsin. The rolling, green hills dotted with old, red barns and Holstein cows are amazingly beautiful. I pictured Vermont as being similar. And it is, but better. (Sorry Wisconsin, but I still love you)

Vermont’s rolling hills are bigger than Wisconsin’s. Size matters. When it comes to hills.

Vermont also produces some really, really good beers:

Hill Farmstead

But the best part of our Vermont adventures was visiting with the Frugalwoods at their homestead.

The Frugalwoods found a little slice of heaven in the Vermont countryside. Thanks for a wonderful time. I’m thankful that our paths crossed.


*complete bullshit

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14 Responses to Vacation Update 2: Verdant, Voluptuous, Vibrant Vermont

  1. My wife and I went to Acadia last year. It was amazing and the air in Maine smells much different. Most be all the trees that I’m not use to. Anyway looks like you’re having an awesome vacation so far!!!
    Mustard Seed Money recently posted…Why You’re Not An Investor If You Invest This WayMy Profile

  2. Wow, those are some awesome pics from the Frugalwood’s farm. It’s so cool y’all got to meet up and get to know each other a bit in person. It looks like Frugalhound and Frugalosaurus are already becoming the best of friends!
    Hope your trip keeps going great!

  3. Team CF says:

    Pretty pictures indeed. Have fun at the NYC meetup!
    Team CF recently posted…BENL Meetup – Eindhoven Edition!My Profile

  4. Mike in NH says:

    No love for NH? Unacceptable! Hopefully if you are roadtripping you at least got to drive across 302 or the Kanc on your way through.

    What does a Dinosaur use for money? Tyrannosaurus checks. See what you missed…

  5. I love the picture of your daughter in the Kubota 🙂 It looks like you had great weather for the New England trip!

    Too bad you couldn’t give Mr. King a few writing pointers. Oh well, maybe next time…
    Mrs. Adventure Rich recently posted…Net Worth Update – August 2017: $284,786.74 (+$8,178.58)My Profile

  6. rubin pham says:

    mr 1500:
    may i suggest you visit big sur on scenic highway 1 to monterey in northern california.
    the best scenic highway in america in my opinion.

  7. Their homestead is gorgeous! They’re such an inspiration.

    Glad Spendosaurus is safe (for now) and that you had such a lovely trip.

  8. Jason says:

    Awesome pictures and Vermont is gorgeous. If you can make it over to Cabot Creamery for the tour it is actually pretty neat (and some good cheese samples). Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is nearby. It is near Stow. And of course Burlington is fabulous for some great breweries and brew pubs in the area.

  9. Mr. Tako says:

    Nice pictures Carl! I’ve never been to either of those states, so it’s great to see another slice of the world I haven’t been!

    Did you guys eat lots of lobster in Maine? I need to see more decadent lobster pictures (obviously).
    Mr. Tako recently posted…Road Trip Report: Eastern Washington College TownsMy Profile

  10. Hey Mr. 1500 Days,

    thank’s for the great pictures of your trip. Vermont and Maine – not the typical tourist destinations but the nature there looks awesome. I’d love to go on a road trip through NewEngland someday (and visiting Fenway Park in Boston along the way), but this year it’s NewYork City first…

    Best Regards,

  11. Beautiful country. I’ve been out there years ago as a child. Make sure to check out western Montana someday if you haven’t. Lots to see and do out there.
    Mr Defined Sight recently posted…My Favorite Financial AdviceMy Profile

  12. It was so wonderful to have you! Come again soon!!! We’ll see if we can find some more toilets for you to fix… 😉

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